Friday, November 18, 2011

134 days now, my God! First round of Christmas shopping, and X Factor.

134 days. I have 134 days to get my life completely on track so that I can move out in the Spring. It's scary. Very scary to me that I really got to step it up if I want this to work out in my favor. This weekend I have two days off work, today and tomorrow and today I'd really just like to go out and shop and enjoy my time. I got paid and I have about $780 in my bank account right now and a half a tank of gas. This alone makes me happy.

I'm intending on beginning my Portland application today as well. With my GPA being as good as it is and having that big long essay that I wrote when I applied to Western, it should be a relatively easy process. Now I just gotta locate that document, shit. Would it be bad if I basically submitted the same one to two places? I doubt the colleges talk to eachother and compare essays-- or do they.. Anyway, I've almost given up on Western because I can't wait for them to send me the memo saying if I'm in or out in January. That, and my family really doesn't want me going there because it's expensive as fuck. I'm considering Portland now because there's no out of state tuition for Washingtonians. It seems like a cool city environment even if it's not huge and overpriced. We'll see, I'm gonna start looking into their business program today. Though I know Central has one of the best business programs, I still don't want to go there at all. Though if I don't get into Portland, it's going to be more of an option.

Today I found a lovely $10 off any $10 purchase at Macy's today. Wait does that mean free?! Ha ha, well I'm taking advantage of it. I'm gonna get my sister's and my dad's christmas gifts out of the way today. Unless of course I find something just perfect for someone else.

i'm adding a couple people to my list of people I have to shop for. So here's the final checklist:

1. Katharine
2. Katelynn
3. Mom
4. Dad
5. Avery
6. Hannah 
7. Jessika
8. Shavonne

Of course some of the gifts are going to be smaller than others. I'll be able to afford it, definitely. I'm always so giving during this season because it makes me so happy to give to others and show them my appreciation for being there for me time and time again. 

I'll document what I buy before I wrap it up at the end of the day. My dad thinks I'm smart for doing my shopping this way.

I'm watching X Factor's Top 10 elimination right now. I'm so surprised that Lakota Rain made it through. They're a somewhat disorganized country rock group thrown together by the show by taking four solo singers that weren't good enough to compete alone and sticking them together. I'm hoping Josh Krajik, Astro, Chris Rene or Melanie Amaro doesn't go home. They're all my favorites. I've only been loosely following the show though.

Rihanna is so gorgeous!

I'm gonna get going, gonna watch the rest of this show and get ready for my day. Had an early dentist appointment today and they told me that my teeth look great. Nice way to start my day.


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