Saturday, November 12, 2011

She's a butch lesbian because she's bigger and has short cut hair?

Because this girl is a friend of a friend of a friend that I rarely even talk too on facebook, I doubt that she will ever see this, and if she does, I'm honestly really sorry and if you ever do see this let me know and I will take this down.

All this entry is going to be about is this person that I found that has completely blurred the lines of the gender equalibrium that I'm just lost.

This is a girl that I found on facebook, though I'm not going to post her name for obvious reasons. Yes, this is a girl. At first glance you would probably assume "very butch lesbian," but no, in fact she's straight, in a relationship, and pregnant.

Okay now look at this picture.  Now by looking at this, one might make the judgement that the two guys on the right could be potentially gay because of their haircuts, and the way the guy on the right is daintily holding his beer. This however, is an irrational judgement because you have no real indication. But in fact, the woman on the far left is in a relationship with the guy in the tye dye shirt and they're going to have a child together!
I'm sorry, but when I see this my mind for some reason jumps to the conclusion that the one on the left is gay and the one on the right is lesbian. But I'm WRONG. Well, according to her profile she's interested in "Men" and "Women", but that's beside the point...

She's a woman, she's pregnant, and she has a boyfriend.
And she's completely blown my mind.

But it's in our world today that she CAN be herself, not feminine in the slightest and be accepted for the most part, yet have society fit her in the cardboard box steriotype of "Butch Lesbian". And because my mind is so used to doing this in order to be liberal and accepting of people and their sexualities (or so I thought), it can't seem to get my head around this girl NOT being a "butch lesbian." Has my mind been so brainwashed to believe that any girl that isn't feminine and wears their hair like a man might is a lesbian?


It makes me realize that you really can't label people into subcultures/groups because though a lot of the times those judgements are right because people conform to certain steriotypes themselves, you can sometimes be wrong.

That's all I had to say.


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