Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I've got time, things will work out fine....

That was part of my status today on facebook, because lately I've felt like time wise everything has been going pretty good. I haven't felt too rushed in school or anything, and I've had time to study and keep caught up. It's from the song "Time Was" by Canned Heat. Weird song hardly anyone has ever heard, haha.

So, note to self, wednesday is NOT when I get paid. Actually I get paid on Thursday, or Wednesday at 12 am. I ended up spending $150 in the past two weeks (I paid for my own car payment, another $50), almost all of it going to gasoline, the rest of it going to food. I can't be spending this much anymore. It really is time to make a change. I think I either need to just stop buying food all together or... well, that's really the only thing I can cut. I have to really start saving for Christmas. So I should get a half decent amount of money for my paycheck, and my account balance will go from $409 (what it's at now) to somewhere... better. Idk yet, can't say, hopefully above $500.

Still no word from such-n-such, I'm pretty sure he's playing Skyrim pretty much 24/7. Another one bites the dust. I do the three day rule. If someone doesn't make any sort of effort to contact you in three days, they're not interested.

Moon rainbow.

I feel pretty happy today. Maybe because I'm not stressed out about too much, but I know that I gotta go soon because I need to start on my math. I'm not hungry, and I have this weird microwave lunch thing that I got out of the freezer outside. It's this Lean Marie Calender thing that looks... disgusting. Any time they try to take a fatty food (steak and potatos) and make it 160 calories, you're bound to have problems. I'm just going to wait on that... plus it's been in the outside freezer for ages. It was between that and a pot pie. I think I made the healthier, yet nastier choice.

Reasons that I'm feeling happy:
-I'm excited to get paid.
-I fit into a pair of jeans this morning that normally don't fit, even if I'm technically "bloated" because of-- yeah.
-I love my friends, hung out with Hannah for a bit today and saw Katelynn recently.
-I'm chewing peach gum.


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