Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I lied I'm stuck here, haha.

Second choice to my "Black and White" pic for Day 4 of the photo challenge.
This one is significantly not as cute as the one I took on my desk today. 
I kind of feel like a photo whore but it's become a somewhat enjoyable part of my day... and has been forcing me to wear makeup instead of being a lazy slob like I could have this past week.

This certainly hasn't been a lazy week though, I've really made an effort to study at least a half hour-an hour of math each day and I've also managed to look over my legal material every day as well. To be honest I haven't even cracked the book. I've just been looking at old tests. I might be overly confident about my knowledge of contract laws, but I'm going into that exam confident tomorrow. And hey, if I get really stumped on a few problems, it IS open book... And I even ghetto tabbed the book so that I can locate the chapters that I need more quickly.

Today I went to a math review in a different classroom. Again, I've got a decent feel for it. I got an 83 on my 4th test which means my grade is currently sitting pretty still at a B+. I'm pretty happy about that.

I can't go to UW next year. I got a call from the business adviser and she basically told me in order to get into their competitive business program I would to have had to take calculus AGAIN there as well as a legal class AGAIN... Going to UW would make this quarter basically pointless. Hardly any of my credits would transfer there, and I wouldn't even be able to get into the business program itself until SPRING.... Not, not, not worth it. That councilor told me straight up that it's not advised to come in as a senior.

So that's it! I am definitely getting my business degree here, there's no doubt about that. I'm not too depressed about it, like it's not that bad here.. It's just better than living at home, having to driiiiive all over the place, dealing with the chaos of my house, etc.

Who knows though, if I get good grades here there's no reason why I couldn't go for my master's degree at UW. I could try getting a job over in Seattle in my field after graduation and start working on that degree if I really wanted to... Get it all done early while my brain is still this spongy and active, lol.

I just wish the campus life here was a little better. I also wish I could meet some normal girls to go out with. I'm planning on having a lot of fun and spending lots of time with people in the Tri-cities, as I've said before. I think once I meet some girls to hang out with things will get a lot better.

Jared J. bailed on the plans we'd made this weekend. He told me he's gotta get ready for finals. Uh, on a Friday? And why haven't you been getting prepared earlier? Ugh, guess most people aren't as proactive as I am. I don't care. It's starting to feel like forever since I've crushed on anyone, which can make time seem even slower here sometimes. Maybe I just wanted Jared to feel like I was crushing on someone... those feelings I once had for him are more than likely not there anymore.

I'm so much like my Dad. I bitch when I'm alone but I'm the happiest when I'm alone when I'm getting stuff done.

I'm getting so much better at the guitar, good God Jacob is a good teacher. The other day I felt like I had a "click" of some kind when I was working on improvisation. Like I had a good feeling that yes, I am really improving, keep going to see more incredible things unfold from your very fingers.... I'm really excited to have a couple lessons with Jacob when I come home.


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