Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Memory foam will improve my quality of life

So it was Christmas today!

I'm feeling fine, just locked the doors up, did one workout... not really feeling like doing another one. Holiday food has taken a tole on me. I know it sounds lame because it's Christmas but I've gotten sort of out of shape since I've gotten home so I wanted to make sure to do a couple workouts tonight. Today I played a little over an hour.

Christmas festivities were good! Woke up early this morning to take a shower and get my makeup on because I had plans to deliver some of the baked goods my sister made to my Grandma's house. I went over there at around 11:30 after we were finished unwrapping presents.

I got a lot of awesome stuff for Christmas this year. I made a pretty specific list and my parents really did buy everything I wanted.

My Dad got me a guitar calendar, some deodorant, razors, and a Rite Aid gift card for $50 which will come in handy. Better Rite Aid than Fred Meyer, the couple options my Dad had for gift card shopping. Gift cards are such a nice gesture because it sort of allows some impulse spending. If someone gives the reasonable person cash they won't blow it all on junk they don't necessarily need.

My Mom got me shampoo, conditioner, a Mac slant brush (wow!), a new Mac eyeliner (I still have a lot left of my other eyeliner so I'm good for awhile in case it takes me awhile to find a job in the summer or something), paid for next month's guitar lessons, an excellent straightening iron that I really needed, a Mac foundation which I'm going to exchange, and a memory foam mattress pad.

Wow, Christmas makes me feel pretty luxurious, haha. I'm very excited to have all these nice things, but I try to stay humble at the same time. I need to remember that I'm extremely blessed to be given all of these nice things and to be grateful to my family for the tenacious amount of money they're spending on our education and now Christmas. They really do hold it together well considering how my Dad has always behaved about spending. He's probably just accepted there's no way around it.

Brendan got me those striped socks in the right corner. I've been wearing them all day, including when I went out to my Grandma's house and sat and talked for awhile. Traci was there with Wyatt, who already has a Wilson stocking. My Grandma gets on those things, haha. Traci is doing well, she's got her own apartment now so she'll be living there with Wyatt. Anthony lives with my Grandma and I'm pretty sure his bedroom is that whole left upstairs so I wouldn't see why he'd want to leave. I'm sure he's got tons of video games up there. Grandma has told me about how much he plays X-Box.

The way I see it there's a lot worse things a 14 year old guy could be doing than video games... I figure if Anthony's playing video games he's not causing any issues for Grandma. My Grandma is getting lap band surgery in about a month. It's a relatively safe surgery but I'm still worried about her health going into it. Her hair is looking good, she actually looked pretty healthy today and I'm hoping the lap band surgery will help her lose the weight she needs to lose to maintain a healthier lifestyle. It's different to think she's in her 70's now. She seems the same to me as she always has.

Grandma gave my sister and I $50 each so that'll be some nice extra money to put in the bank too. So this has been a pretty excellent Christmas to go with a nice couple weeks off. I have one week left of staying home. I'm getting to the point where I'm a little more ready to go back. I'm sure by New years Day I'll be packing things up ready to go... or hung over at Katelynn's. Both.

Aww, Miranda looks so sweet on my bed right now. She's been awake almost all day, running around and being mischievous. She had a good Christmas too.


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