Monday, December 3, 2012

Flash from the past

Ha, day 2 of the photo challenge, titled "peace." 

Doing a picture flashing the peace sign made me think of 2010-11, when I was super inspired by Magibon and Japanese style and was still trying to draw anime. I did my best impression of myself at that era in today's picture. This is not the picture I chose, but now that I look at it, I think this is actually the better picture. Oh well, the picture that I posted was a better impression at least. 

Tomorrow my picture will be of something I've held. I'm going to meditate on this tonight. I can't think of anything aside from the picture Samantha painted for me. But that's a gift so of course I'd hold that. My Grandpa's guitar is something I've held, even if I've only started treating it with respect the last year or so. 

Today was just another day of the norm. I got an hour of guitar playing done so far, studied math for a little bit this morning. I could probably do more. I also studied by legal material. It's like I just lightly touch on the material every day before I really cram it the day before the best. Today's Monday, though. Thursday isn't that far away, I should probably begin a little of the re-reading process tomorrow for my legal material. If anything just reading over the terminology for each Chapter. 

Last night I had an interesting party experience. Bradley invited me over to watch a movie with his friends. I was down, I had just finished studying some math. We all were drinking a little bit, this pretty cool girl fixed me up a really delicious Pucker drink. It probably contained two shots or so, but I had also smoked so I was already feeling pretty good to just chill. Drinking doesn't help me chill out much, actually it makes me feel more anxious as I watch people act more and more idiotic. 

I actually went from Bradley's house to another party going on at the top floor of another apartment. The apartment was crowded with drunk people, I just sorta mixed in. I get attention from guys at parties but usually they think I'm not having a good time because I'm never really loud or anything. I just act friendly and talk to people. Sometimes I just stare at people acting drunk. Drink a little here or there. 

Anyway, did see one cute guy, flashed a smile at him and talked to him for about 30 seconds before he bailed with some people. I'm pretty sure he was wasted when we got there. I don't know, most of them there were freshman so they acted so wacky. It's so funny, maybe that's how I would have acted if I went straight out of highschool to college without gaining that maturity of conduct around adults in a classroom that I got in community college. So many freshman just act stupid, though. They're the only ones I really see partying, lots of girls get really slutty in college, lol. 

Not much more to say than that. I think I'll go eat a bowl of cereal. Afterward I would like to play more guitar, maybe even hit two hours tonight. Woo. Jeez I really need to work on scales, I haven't at all yet this week. 


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