Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Well, goodbye phone you've dealt with a lot..

Well  today started out pretty rocky but ended up very good overall.

I got up pretty early to take a shower. I had my phone with me in my robe and texted Brendan at like... I don't know, eight. I had just talked to him last night that I needed to take better care of my electronics. I wear makeup so sometimes I notice big smudges on the screen. I usually hastily clean it off with water and a towel, my shirt, honestly whatever I can find around. I didn't have a case on my phone. I dropped it on numerous occasions on the floor of my place in Ellensburg and of course the wood floors of my bedroom. I feel strangely sorry for my phone.

But by a complete fluke accident my phone flew, and separated, in the toilet. I was like OH NO.... of course I had to take the pieces out, wash my hands of course, put the wet phone on dry rice.... I was a little sad but I felt like I'd kind of taken my important piece of equipment for granted. I've decided that when I get a new phone I'm going to get it a case and take better care of it.

I had a pretty good talk to Brendan on facebook. I was going to call him tonight but I'm thinking maybe I'll just call it an early tonight. Tomorrow I've got my lesson. I feel like I've made progress on the pentatonic scale this week but I haven't worked with improvising on the backing track what so ever because I haven't had my computer available to me. I'll get back to working with that in January.

I've worked at the scale all week... I'm just hoping it's enough to not make it seem like I've been slacking because in all honesty I occasionally feel I'm slacking myself... Even if I play over an hour every single day. I wish I could still do three hour marathons but I haven't had much material to work with. I should really print a couple songs tomorrow. The problem for me is choosing the songs to play.

Brendan is coming here on Saturday! I think. I kind of doubt I'll be going to his house. His family is pretty strict Christians and I figure I'll just wait on that until later. My family is just laid back and we have more freedom here. My parents don't really give me grief about anything anymore. I mean obviously, I'm 21 now why would they unless I was being extremely stupid and disrespectful.

Now that my phone is broken it's going to be a little more of a challenge communicating with people. Shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Katelynn came over and we sat around watching intervention and bullshitting for a few hours. We have so much fun just hanging out with eachother and talking, just laughing at everything...

I'm so tired, gonna hit it guys.


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