Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Started fingerpicking. Found some inspiration.

The guitar is funny. It can make you feel like a well-rounded player and then find a major hurdle and feel like a beginner again.

Fingerpicking has always been something I've stayed away from because for the first few months or so I was so focused on getting my fingers in the right position to hit notes that taking on the burden of focusing where my individual fingers on my right hand were going sounded impossible. I didn't touch fingerpicking for the past nine months or so that I've been really playing until a few days ago.

I know little bits and pieces of knowledge about World of Warcraft from spending time with Tyler and Jack. I looked up "Lions Pride World of Warcraft" on google image search and got this. Apparently someone built a lodge and called it "Lions Pride Inn." Or maybe that's part of the game and that's where the song I'm learning plays... I have no idea. 

I'm working on a couple "easy" songs from Songsterr just for finger picking-- Lions Pride from World of Warcraft and Wind Scene from Chrono Crusade. I've found one finger picking exercise that will get me into the habit of picking with the right fingers but it's much, much easier said than done. I have a lot more respect for a number of guitarists that I know that predominantly finger pick because I believe getting the hang of it will take just as much time as alternate picking did.

I posted a status today about learning to fingerpick just so that Jacob gets the memo and might send me something on Thursday for it if I remind him tomorrow. I haven't been on facebook all day aside from that. Maybe that's why it feels like a good day to me. I practiced a whole whopping 160 minutes. Just like back in the summer... I really spread that time among a lot of different skills so I feel I'm better managing my practice time lately, too.

Of course that's bound to change when school starts and things are a little more complicated time management wise. I'm going to have to be aware of how much time I'm spending with Brendan. I'm just so happy that he's there though, it makes things a lot less stressful going back because he's a really good listener and I know he can help me with a lot of things-- he's already taken Finite math and english 102. I haven't taken any English in forever.. it's weird to think that's the class I'm most concerned about but economics is supposedly extremely difficult too.

Shawn G. was going to have a sledding thing today and I was debating going this morning. I had plenty of time to think about it because the actual event wasn't until 3. Well since then the snow has melted for the most part, so sledding was a no go.

I don't have much planned for the next couple days (27th and 28th). I'd like to see Katelynn again before I go. She got the new Final Fantasy game for Christmas so I'd like to see the graphics. Speaking of games I think I might play the sims again this evening... I'm hoping my Mom made dinner because I haven't really eaten since 12 and I'm getting hungry and don't feel like cooking again.


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