Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another old friend starts his new family..

Caleb O. is going to be Dad. I just got done working out and pulled up facebook and this was the first picture that came on. There are a lot of people that I know that are deciding to become parents. I hope the best for them.

I haven't seen or spoken to Caleb in a long time. We were pretty good friends during my sophomore year of highschool back when he was pretty into the "scene" and dating Arwen M. Arwen used to hang around our tennis practices at times. I think she now has a child as well. Again, I just wish them the best. I just thought that was interesting because I really enjoyed talking to Caleb back in the day.

I worked out after I drank some wine. Counterproductive, I know. But it can't hurt to work out some energy. My skin has cleared up a lot since I got home, probably because of this great dry weather. I had an excellent guitar lesson with Jacob today even if I was really shy because it was the first time I'd seen him in person in awhile. It's actually easier for me to play well via skype then in person... In person I feel my hands tense up and feel rigid in my playing even if I've been practicing something all week.

Like the pentatonic scale in A minor!! I have been working SO hard at getting it all week... played almost two hours prior to lessons... Still couldn't play very well in front of him today. I know he knows I can play and that I've been working at it. He wrote up an entire packet for me just to learn these scales. Based on how large this packet is, it looks like he put a great deal of time and effort into it so I'm going to really, really work hard on that this week. I'm sure he'll use the packet for future students as well.

I'm going to get to bed here shortly. I did everything I wanted to do today. Tomorrow, well... Hmm, depends on if my Mom pays me for the organizing or not. If she does I intend to go into town, pick up Samantha and maybe do a little Christmas shopping. I'd like to get something for my sister. My parents told me not to get them anything but if I find a couple little things that they might like I'm going to get them. Even if it's something silly and inexpensive I'll make sure to make it thoughtful.

The rest of the money will probably go right back into my gas tank. Gas is an important luxury when I'm visiting home because I want to go see my friends as much as possible but it can take so much driving living out here. 


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