Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thoughts of transferring my senior year, and people I want to see!

This was my second choice to my December photo-a-day of "something you held." Sorta blurry.

 I've held onto my tennis racket for a couple years even if I no longer use it. I plan to play again someday... Just not nearly as competitively as I did at one time. I also of course have kept a couple band t-shirts from that time. 

Talked to my mamma on the phone today.

She was in a meeting but happened to just be on break. I told her that I have been extremely bored the past few days because I've been waiting for my finals on Thursday and Friday. She said with sort of a saddened tone, "I know I've been hearing that a lot about Central lately whenever I bring it up..." I told her I didn't know what to do. I knew in my mind that transferring probably wouldn't be the best option, especially now. I'm going to give Central at least a year, I know that much. But to find another college that is both A) On the quarter system and B) has a business program that at least equal to Central's, and of course C) won't have out of state tuition is hard.

University of Washington is really my only option. If I work really hard to keep my grades up this year, and make sure to take credits that are transferable to their business program without problems, I should have a great shot of going to UW my senior year. It would be more expensive, but I definitely think it would be worth it. 

Now that I have experienced university classes this year I realize now what I'm up against. These level classes are more difficult but I know that I can do it. I would of course be living on campus there so I really wouldn't have to venture too much into the Seattle area, though the option will be there and it will be an incredible experience!

Central is just too quiet, I need more than this. I will take full advantage of Central every day of my Junior year here. I will work hard, still try to meet people and have a good time here, but after this year I now have a new goal to get out. Being at Central is survivable because I am close enough to home that I can drive home on practically any weekend if I'm feeling lonely or isolated to the point that I can't take it anymore.

While I'm here I'm also going to of course really focus on the guitar. In Seattle there are tons of brilliant musicians and I always want to be able to hold my ground next to them as a REAL guitarist. I think there is a lot Seattle can offer for me, even if the traffic aspect scares me. Alberto S.'s sister came from Benton City and she was fine, I think I can handle it too. I bet Qiuzi can help me figure out the bus system as well.

My heart is telling me this right. My heart is also telling me to definitely stay here for a year and focus extremely hard on my studies. Knowing I don't have to stay here for two years will make my experience at Central much more pleasant, I think. I'll want to take more advantage of activities here now that I know I won't be here for two years like I'd originally planned. So that will be one of my new years resolutions-- to really make the most of the rest of my time here, even if it can get deadly quiet and I haven't met too many people I've connected with enough to want to hang out with instead of play guitar.

Because that's the thing, any time that I'm spending with someone I don't truly want to be spending time with, I feel like I'm wasting my time and really should be practicing guitar or using my time more constructively. That's why I am at least somewhat selective about who I spend time outside of school with, I suppose. Even if I enjoy having tons of acquaintances and keeping up with their lives. I care about them as well.

Some people that I'd really like to see over Christmas break, to name a few...
-Katelynn, of course.

-Samantha, of course (which means I'll also see Shawn, Kevran, Aaron.. Always nice to see as well)

-Jacob and Andrew!!! Getting guitar lessons back at the studio again so you know I'm so excited.

-Seth F.

-Gardenia S. (this is new, she's awesome!)

-Josie D., haven't seen her in ages, it'll be interesting as Hell to catch up with her if I can get a day she's not working

-Danni M., again, very interesting to catch up with...

-Jordan G., another great old friend of mine who I'd like to get ahold of.

-Brad P. probably on a Thursday when I'm in Richland for guitar. See his kids, bullshit with Brad, same ole same ol


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