Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day of silence.

I haven't talked to anyone verbally all day. It feels weird, tomorrow morning I plan to make a youtube video of some kind. Maybe even go on Stickam.

I've gotten a little done here and there. Today was more of a relaxing day for me because I woke up with cramps and the pain left me bedbound until about 12:00 PM. Sometimes that's just the best thing to do with cramps. Get up, take a nice hot shower and a painkiller of some sort, then go back to bed until it kicks in and you feel better.

I talked to Katelynn, she's been having weird dreams like I have. We've both been having dreams that have some weird sexual undertone at some point, though she described that in her dreams she is terrified. I can't say I'm terrified in my dreams, they more have an eerie nostalgic feel. Like I'll dream I'll see someone when we were younger or my dream will take place in some classroom or playground from the past. I hardly ever have scary dreams, when I do it's usually because something is seriously amiss in my life or I am ill.

I've been too focused on other things to take the time to write down the full meaning of my recent dreams. In order to do so I typically have to write down what I dreamt the second I wake up.

The roommate is still out of the house. Today I was unable to get too much work done because I got distracted by the Sims for a couple hours and didn't feel particularly inspired to play guitar. I did create a new practice sheet, new monthly log, and new weekly goal sheet for doing well on the finals. Turns out my legal final is actually on the 6th, which is a Thursday. I'm plan to just work on the old tests every day, maybe I'll read over a couple of the legal chapters tomorrow. Maybe I should add reading to that to-do list because I've really been slacking on that.

Darn it, I wanted to do this December photo-a-day but I already messed it up by not taking a picture at 8:00. Maybe I'll start it tomorrow. I suck at these things.

Yeah not much to say today people.


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