Friday, December 21, 2012

My first bar experience.

Was actually a pretty good time...

Having been 21 for the past few months I almost dreaded going to bars. It's a whole new social experience, I guess you could say I was just nervous for it and didn't feel particularly ready. That and there was never a good driving situation in place if Katelynn and I both wanted to drink.

We did drink quite a bit. I went to her apartment after guitar lessons at 6:30 or so. We pre-gamed by drinking a little rum before we left. I think I had about 1 and 1/4 shot of rum and diet coke and Katelynn had two. We hung out for a bit. Katelynn and Al were playing call of duty while I was twiddling around on my mom's phone trying to locate Brendan's number on facebook mobile.

We went to the Uptown first at like 9:15. It was pretty slow. I told Katelynn I was going to drink rum all night to try and not get too bad of a hangover. The first rum and coke that I ordered had barely any coke, full of ice and the alcohol itself tasted like Whiskey. We drank it anyway. I had a feeling I'd see someone I know there, including Josh K., his sister, sister's boyfriend (or husband, who knows) and a couple other guys. We had a quick chat. Katelynn wanted to go to Rays to do kareoke and hang out with Clint so we left the Uptown.

Rays looks almost exactly the same as what I remembered from those few local band concerts that I saw there when I was 16. The place looks like it needs a facelift, but the dark and dinginess of it almost makes it more rock-and-roll. I did order some pretty good drinks there. The son of the owner called one of his drinks "Sam's Asshole" which is extremely vulgar for how unbelievably delicious this drink is.

He made me two of those, only charged me half price for one of them and the first one was free. I was very flattered. I think I went into the bars last night with $14 cash which I spent on drinks and tips. I told Katelynn at the beginning of the night that I wanted to make sure with my first bar experience that I try a white russian.

White Russians are made with Kahlua, Vodka and creme. 
Made famous by "The Dude" who drank them throughout the Big Lebowski.

It was a $7 drink, that was the most I'd spent all night. I shared it with Katelynn and Clint. I probably got about a half a shot from it, by this time I was pretty intoxicated, a little nauseous, and ready to go back. It was about 12:30 by this point. Most of the night was spent listening to people sing Kareoke. Katelynn and Clint did that a couple times and it was fun to watch and dance around a little bit... from my chair of course. You'd have to get me completely hammered before I'll actually get up and dance or sing Kareoke. I've never been that drunk but that's what I assume. I can never decide what song I'd sing in those, too.

You know what I realized? Now that I'm 21 Radcon will be a blast this year, hahaha. I do plan to dress up for it. 


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