Friday, April 1, 2011

This is an anime drawing that I did recently for my artists challenge on FaceBook. I really like how this one turned out and wanted to post it. If I had a scanner I'd get a higher quality photo up. Doesn't matter that much though, the artists challenge is to see my own improvement over time.

I'm going to make this quick. Maybe I'll write more later.

So I'm pretty sure this Wellbutrin is kicking in. That, or I am bipolar and I'm going through a "manic" phase. No, not really. I'm just feeling a lot better than yesterday. Probably because school is starting soon, as it is OFFICIALLY April 1st. Happy April fools day.

Today my goal is to:
  •  study Japanese for two hours-- because I haven't done it at all lately.
  • List 3 items on ebay.
  • Get at least an hour of tennis (going to leave here shortly).
  • Draw a picture of the day for my art challenge.
That sounds pretty reasonable. I think setting little goals for myself helps me a lot... It gets my mind off the lack of job situation and helps me focus on what I CAN do.
Next quarter I'm going to be spending more time at school, from 9-2 pm. My math class is at 1' which leaves a pretty big chunk in between my Japanese class and math. I'm hoping I can use this time to study. This also means that I really have to make a point of making a bento box or pack a lunch of some kind for myself every day.

The nice thing about Wellbutrin thus far is that I haven't been nearly as lathargic and tired during the day as I once was with Paxil. I'm so glad I'm off disgusting Paxil. It made me miserable.

Wow, mom is bitching at me about dishes, and I know that if I don't do them she's going to get all self pity party again. Most the dishes are because Avery and her friends come in, pig out and leave. Of course this is perfectly excuseable because Avery has friends and a job and she's not a creep recluse like me. God damn it, getting depressed again. I need to leave.


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