Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring quarter, you intimidate the hell out of me.

It's weird how every weekend I feel like I'm dreading the next week because of how much studying and work I'm going to have to do, but at the same time I am relieved because I think of how much I hate being at home doing nothing.

Yesterday I saw Shavonne, and she is currently living at her own apartment all by herself under social security. She is an extremely independent parapalegic person who used to go to school with me. Now, she is sort of in limbo because her boyfriend (practically fiancee) is going to school up in Ellensburg and she's here in the tri-cities, not going to school because the government won't fund it anymore. I had dinner with her, she made some really good steak and potatos with corn. Lol, I'd like to whip together dinner for one of my friends sometime soon.

Last night the guy I really like was drunken texting me, which was really funny. I'm afraid he's embarrised by it today though, haha. Him and his friends were up seeing a hockey game or something... Who knows.

I'm happy that I got most of my homework done this weekend earlier because I'm really unmotivated tonight. I am thinking I'm going to take a bath and then really crack down on it. Usually doesn't work, I typically get even more lazy after a bath... My sister just got out of the shower though, which is usually freakishly hot and she takes really long ones because she doesn't have a lineup behind her like we used to do. My sister is a complete hot water hog, so I'm happy she showers at night. Still, a nightly bath is always good, even if not nessasary. It just feels good to relax at the end of the day, but it tends to make me really tired.

I think I'm going to make it a goal to be a little more quiet and reserved in my Japanese class this week. I feel like I've gotten more comfortable in there with people, so consiquently have gotten louder. Shit, that reminds me I have to call sean about the system of a down concert. ............................Okay, I just called him and he isn't entirely sure if he can go yet, which is scary. But if he can't what I intend on doing is buying the ticket from him and then going with one of my friends. I know that Robert would really want to go, and so would Adolfo. Of course Robert works all the time though. This is just if Sean can't, and he said he's pretty sure he can at this point.

I'm exausted, going to bed now. At least today I got all my jogging and drugs and health stuff done so I'll have allll day tomorrow to study japanese.


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