Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Quarter is looking pretty good.

I sort of like someone, but I don't think they like me back anymore because I'm too young. He's 23 and I'm 19... He's really cute, and we've talked a few times and flirted but now he doesn't seem to want to talk because he doesn't initiate conversation. I am not going to initiate it because I don't want to seem desperate and lame. I assume nothing is going to come of it and we're never even going to meet because of it, unless I see him around CBC randomly. I wonder if he'd recognize me. I think I look sufficiently like my pictures. We'll see what happens, probably nothing. Hes said i'm cute numerous times, but I just get the feeling he's not interested anymore. Who knows.

It's 11:21. My first day of school went really well today, though I had to get a class switched. Witherspoon basically blew through 3 sections of... my entire highschool math experience, in an hour. Note that I haven't taken math in two years. It kicked my ass, so I switched over to Zhang's class. Luckily he let me overload. It should make much more sense in math 96, though Michael said it's going to be way too easy.

Jogging and drugs and health seems really easy based on the online syllabus and checking out the course... jogging is pretty, well, easy. Turn in running logs, times and comments. Piece of cake. To get fun credit you have to run a mile in under 12 minutes and 30 seconds. Wow. I'm sort of interested in timing myself though, but I have no real way of telling how much a mile is unless I want to run around the stupid school track and look like a moron.

Japanese III is super packed but it's all people i know. Hannah is back! Woo! I'm really happy she is because now I have someone to talk too and we benifit from eachother. I don't benifit from someone who doesn't study at all, and when I study with Jon Stewart he doesn't benefit from me because he knows everything.. so he's basically tutoring me. Not the best.

Anyway, gonna get some sleep. I hope I get a call from Lets Party for an interview... I really pray I do. I want to be as busy as I can be.


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  1. I bet you can EASILY run a mile in under 12 minutes! Another way you can know how far you are running is to get a Nike+iPod, though I think you have a zune...
    Anyway, this little gadget (I know Adidas makes one really similar that doesn't involve an ipod at all) plugs into the iPod and transmits data from the transmitter in your shoe, and tells you how far, how fast, how many calories and your average pace from your run.
    Here's the Nike one for iPod:

    and here's the Adidas one:

    I have the Nike+ and I really like it.


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