Saturday, September 15, 2012

Trying to have patience with my Dad...

This is a picture of myself that I took this morning. Figured I needed a new picture for my new environment. Today's been quiet and I haven't been doing anything really. My parents were supposed to be coming for dinner but because they're working around my Dad's annoying schedule that's been practically impossible. His truck had an issue yesterday that he had to take to TJ. TJ didn't get a chance to take a look at it until 3' or so but they still should have come up in my Mom's van. Whatever, it's fine it's not like I'd be up to much else today anyway.

I've been feeling sort of shy and awkward in comparison to myself at home, though I feel simultaneously comfortable and relaxed. There's writing on my walls all over the place so I guess that's what's keeping me busy. I went out into the school yesterday and didn't really like it. I went to the super desolate library and got scared half to death by the closing alarm. Either way, it's Saturday so there was nothing to do here but sit around and play guitar anyway.

Jason is moving here tomorrow which means I'll probably be spending some time with him. He'll probably be the first guest to my place besides my parents. Kristin's parents have been here all day. I met them this morning and tried to be friendly but it's weird... I feel kind of awkward, like I'm saying offensive things. Maybe it's because I've been so quiet lately I've been paying more attention to the things that I say.

Either way, I'm still happy to be here. I feel happy to not be asking for Rite Aid wellness + cards.

My Dad's probably just got done at Burger ranch in prosser because he hadn't eaten since 8 this morning. Damn it.


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