Monday, September 10, 2012

Let's take TWO trips, shall we?

Yay! This calls for a 1980's "getting stuff done" montage!

2 days!

I'm moving out in two days and my Mom of course had no idea. I've been telling her every day, "Hey mom! Twelve more days!" "Four more days!" etc etc but she hasn't gotten the memo and we don't have a uhaul. She claims she's going to make "Two trips" with the van. What the hell, is there seriously nobody we could borrow a large vehicle from?

I've been a little lacking in guitar this week because I've been really busy and I've had so much on my mind that all I've wanted to do is talk to Jason. My playing has gotten so much more relaxed since Jacob corrected my hand positioning, though, so I can afford to slack a bit this week. I'm hoping I do get in three hours today, maybe even a little more because I only practiced an hour yesterday. It's only 8:30 am so I can give myself guitar breaks during packing. Or maybe packing breaks during guitar. He he he. NO, I NEED to get this stuff done...

I need to figure out what order I'm going to do this in. I think the  best place to start would be the clothes because I figure to move that dresser we're going to have to pull all the clothes out anyway so I might as well get that done. I'll plan out some outfits for the next couple days.

In my room I have music equipment that'll be a big pain in the ass to move and takes up a lot of space. I'm planning on bringing my bass, Samara and the acoustic as well as my big amp and POD (which I'll probably take in the car with me because it's so fragile). This really is just the beginning of my instrument collection though, my plan is that I will obtain one new guitar with everyone 1,000 hour milestone I reach. Right now I have 422 for the past five months. 

Miranda is on my bed right now. I feel like I'm going to miss her more than anything from a day to day basis because she gives me so much relaxation and happiness in my life. She really is the last thing I want to hold onto.

Because really, there's nothing more for me to gain here in the tri cities. I went to CBC and got my first degree close to home. I had my dead end job for a year; I put on my Noh face for anyone that gave me shit and didn't kiss anyone's ass. My best friends are both doing VERY well so I have nothing to worry about. Katelynn should be getting a job at Amazon here shortly and Samantha just got a job at Let's Party (which I'm having a feeling will turn into a career). They've both got good, stable relationships and Katelynn's no longer partying with Zach. 

Needless to say, I'm quiet excited, and I need to get to work. : ) 


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