Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The greasy dubstep/techno scene....

Oh.... man, it's the last day of summer. I'm pretty excited that tomorrow my roller coaster ride begins with getting this degree. It's going to be a lot of hard work but I really want to get this done in two years.

I read about 3/4 of my managerial accounting textbook and it seems way more simpler for me than my first accounting class. My first accounting class that I took at CBC was the brunt work like journal entries, transferring information to the ledger, creating monthly income statements and stuff like that... In this class we are going to be more learning about the processes and procedures in business as well as the risk factors involved.

The first chapter itself is pretty much a preface and tells you why taking the class will be beneficial to you if you're ever in a position of management trying to determine which tasks to accomplish and assigning people to do them. When I was reading this I was of course leaving side annotations to simplify the material, like I'll start thinking about Jodi and her job at Rite Aid. She's a manager, she had to do all the assigning for the work day... the menial, repetitive tasks that I often studied in my boredom now make sense to me. Thinking about my experience at Rite Aid will help me put things into real life perspective I think.

Math is unfortunate because there's no way to put things into real life perspective. You just have to do things over and over again until you get it and then hope you can get it right a second time on the tests. This pre-calc class is going to suck... But it definitely gives me an even better reason to keep Jason around, hahaha. Just kidding that sounds horrible. I actually have really enjoyed Jason's company the past few days. He should be coming over here in like an hour.. I'm making pancakes for dinner tonight and having Kat Landoe over. She's going to be bringing some of her friends.

Still no calls for lessons yet. I guess it will just take socializing and meeting people to get students. That'll come quickly I hope! Ahh either way I'm just chillin. I've got enough money to get me by here for awhile.

I really do not like the DJing thing that Jason does. I'm just going to try and ignore it for the most part. I just do not like the greasy scene and would rather not go to raves and stuff like that. I just associate it with drugs that I want to stay away from for my overall wellbeing. I get so much pleasure from the simple things that I do in my day to day life, like play the guitar and work out, spend time with friends, etc... I guess those are more big things for me though. I feel like if I started doing those sorts of rave scene drugs I would lose the bliss that I get with these activities now.


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