Saturday, September 8, 2012

I'll just take my 10 lbs of muscle milk and go now.

How's it going?

I'm fantastic. Today was my last day at Rite Aid, course I didn't realize this until halfway through my shift but now that I'm done... WOOHOOOOOO!!! Never working retail again. It feels weird to now know that I don't have a job but so much is going to happen to me in the next month or so I can hardly contain the excitement.

I was going to run out to Kennewick today but my stupid phone ended up dying. It was fully charged this morning but apparently I forgot to completely back out of the Spotify program and it sucked out all it's life in two hours. I swear to God that stupid phone is either dead or deactivated more than I'm able to use it. Jason just texted me, he's a lot better about texting than I am but we've been talking for over a month now. I'm wondering how our friendship is going to play out when we're at school, it'll be nice to have a friend up there from the get go but I'm sure if it's anything at all like orientation I'll meet people very quickly.

I bought a whole bunch of Muscle Milk mix today. That'll be my last big Rite Aid steal, they were marked down 75% off because they were about to expire but I'll take my chances. The powder has the consistency of flour, it doesn't look like it's going to spoil very easily. I got one large (reg $50), one medium (reg $41.99) and one small (reg $20.99) for about $30. I also got a couple stress relief "homeopathic" drugs for a couple bucks just to try them out as well as some cocoa concentrate.

I can't tell you if it worked or not because I was pretty relaxed to begin with but I can say that they'll be kept in my special drawer. You never know when I might feel some anxiety for whatever reason.

4 days!!!
(coming down to the end people)


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