Friday, September 21, 2012

Home is where your stuff is, your stuff is, your stuff is...

When your stuff is there, it's home!

I'm in Benton city because tomorrow my Mom and I are going to go school clothes shopping. This is really nice of her to do, especially when my wardrobe has had so many problems because of this new weight lose. I used to wear a size 11, right now the jeans I'm wearing are a size 6.

I'm also going to go to Samantha's house for a party that they're having. I feel pretty shleppy because of the incredible amount of smoke in Ellensburg and then the drive home.. I feel like I'd feel a lot better if I took a shower but since I'm just hanging out over at House it doesn't matter at all.

It feels weird being back in benton city again because all of my stuff is in Ellensburg. There's really nothing for me to do here at all except sit on the computer-- even my guitar is at my place.

Alright well I just got a call from Samantha and she said I could head over.


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