Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What does a good entrepreneur do when her plan fails?

I've got some pretty exciting news.

I got a message on Youtube from another kid here at Central that apparently was planning to give guitar lessons as well. I'm excited to meet this person because HELL-O! They play guitar too! That's exciting in itself. He said he hasn't been able to find any students either. Based on the lack of ability to generate funds in one way I'm turning to other sources-- the internet!

Here's my first guitar lesson video that I uploaded today. It's basic alternate picking and corresponding note exercise, just as I would initially teach my guitar student. I figure if I do one of these on a semi-regular basis, I can maybe gain some subscribers on youtube, become a partner and earn a small amount of income that way. 

If that doesn't work, well, at least I tried and I can use it as a reference tool for my students if they forget what I'd taught them during a lesson. You might be wondering, why would students actually get lessons from you if they could just look online? Because in person you can ask me questions, I can elaborate things for you, and I can teach you way more tricks and exercises than I plan to upload to youtube. 

You can support my channel on youtube by subbing to me. My url is www.youtube.com/ewilsonlife. The channel itself has a pretty random assortment of stuff that has gone from "kawaii" Japanese themed videos to... Iron Maiden covers. I'm weird.

But my life is fun, seriously I do enjoy things around here even if after a high stress class situation I can always seem to find stuff to bitch about to my mom. The main stress on the back burner is, again, my 21st birthday and what I'm going to be doing for that. I'm just hoping Jason and I spend the evening together on either Saturday or Sunday. That's all I really want, I've already gotten my gifts from my family, I've got more than enough money to survive here for awhile and I'm also set for clothes. 

Jason and I had a really nice night together last night, that was pretty unexpected! 

He's been really busy with studies like I have. I've already studied accounting today for an hour, sorta dredged through the first half of Chapter 3 today. We didn't talk about Chapter 2 at all a couple days ago so I'm wondering if he's going to do any review for that chapter. I don't really care either way, Chapter 2 is pretty straight forward, it talks about methods in costing (both direct costs and indirect costs of a product). Costing is basically the plan for how much a business anticipates spending on manufacturing a product (or many products) for the upcoming month. Product costs are the cost involved in making the product itself when overhead costs are the cost to run the company itself. 

Overhead costs can include anything from the heating bill, the cost of the toilet paper in the bathrooms, the wage of the employees. Product costs include the cost of the raw materials and even the cost of employees that are putting the product together. I think back to my days cherry picking and the little punch cards that would say how many boxes of cherries that picker had completed. The Cost, then, of that box of cherries includes the amount it took to pick them. 

I post a lot of pictures of cherries on this blog, haha. 

A lot of this terminology is hard to keep track of but I'm very fortunate that I have this much life experience to understand a lot it. Working at Rite Aid has helped me understand merchandise costing, inventory, and hourly wages versus salaries. Working on the farm has helped me understand touch labor or direct labor because you really can't get much more direct then picking cherries off a tree and punching a card that says you did it. 


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