Monday, December 9, 2013

I got drunk and played video games

Hello to anyone out there reading. It's 1:38 am.

I'm hoping this is the last night in awhile that I have to stay up especially late to study and then wake up the next morning early to study more because it's bad for my health and sleep patterns.

I had to stay up late because I hadn't been particularly proactive about it earlier in the day, feeling kind of depressed and unmotivated after the slow, uneventful weekend I'd had. I did realize yesterday night however that my texts were being blocked on my phone somehow... So on Friday night when I was complaining about how I wasn't getting responses from anyone that was the reason why. I was surprised to have gotten a response from Kala after not hearing from her in over a month.

So on Saturday night I got bombarded with all these texts that had been sent to me on Friday, including from Mike H. who I was considering hitting up to grab a beer with but didn't hear back from him. Oh, funny side note on this, I hadn't been getting my texts from Terry and I received about 5 of them from him first asking how I did on the tests and then sent texts like "Wtf? Lol" when I wouldn't respond and then later like "????" Like oh shit, she might be actually mad this time. I did get a text back from Kala saying it was her. Note at this point last night I was sitting around drinking beer playing sims at around 10 pm.

Excited to hear back from her I'm like 'Hey whats up?' you know, 'What are you doing? Haven't heard from you in awhile, I've still got that hat that was left in my car..." And she sends back this vague response like "Yea I need that hat back, my address is apt blahblahblah"... Not like hey, maybe I'll see you sometime and get that hat back from you. I just felt like it was a complete brush off thing.

And again not having gotten a response back from Allie in over a month (the last text I'd sent her was over Thanksgiving weekend, and I know I'd texted her the previous two weekends and didn't get responses either. Obviously I didn't bother last night) I feel like that's over.

So Terry and I met up to study at like 6 pm in the library and he asked what I ended up doing last night (at which point I began trying to brainstorm a lie of something interesting) and didn't bother and just said "I got drunk and played video games." He kind of cracked up, "Alone?" I'm like, "Yeah, I got a couple invites from guys that I declined..." He said why, like why not. "Because if you let guys buy you drinks they get the wrong impression. Last night I would have rather gone to a bar with a girl and was unsuccessful."

He just said kind of remorsefully "Oh..." It's funny, I'm happy to know that even if Terry and I give eachother shit relentlessly he's emotionally intelligent enough that see when I'm actually going through something difficult and not to throw gasoline on the fire.

Studying itself with Terry earlier was of course sort of useless so I had to do a lot of studying when I got home. I've got my money and banking final tomorrow (technically today...), wish me luck.


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