Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Pleasure to see you all again.

Today's been a relaxing, good day. Of course it's Christmas eve, everyone's in a good mood. I got up and got ready this morning at around 11 but I didn't actually go anywhere. I just do my hair and makeup every day that I'm on vacation because I never know what my Grandma might think is photo worthy. Ha ha unfortunately I've done nothing photo worthy today by any means, I sat on my ass in front of the computer and played guitar all day. I did see and talk to my family and play with Aiden of course. 

I made myself a turkey bagel sandwich for breakfast and a turkey sandwich for lunch. I snacked around on chips and salsa a little bit, as well as ate an apple. I can easily recall what I eat here because I generally have to prepare it in my Grandma's kitchen which requires picking and choosing through organic almond milk and flax seed cake.. Thank you Trader Joes. 

Right now I'm waiting on my aunt to bring pizza, it's 6:55 pm and I haven't really eaten a meal since 2 and I'm getting sooo hungry. Oh thank God it's here, that sh*t took hours. I'm gonna eat three pieces, f**k the rest!!! 

26 minutes later...

Well I ate two pieces, and one of them was puny and gluten free and I'm feeling stuffed. It's probably from the beer that I'm drinking to put up with my Grandmother's weird nonsense. She's always talking about her food intake and how she needs to burn off the calories she consumes. Like at dinner she's like "I wonder how many miles it will take me to burn this off..." She stood up to took her plate in and I said to my sister, "I wonder how many miles it'll take for me to give a f**k." She cracked up. 

 I know that my sister has a harder time with my grandma's food comments more than I do because it makes her feel guilty for eating. I don't blame her. Like she was dipping her pizza in ranch and my Grandma was like "Pizza and ranch?" like what a health disgrace! Stuff like that. 

My sister's been cooking all day and bringing in groceries to prepare the snacks for Christmas eve. I'm glad she did because I don't think there would have been anything else to munch on otherwise. My sister had left to pick up some things she'd forgotten and I overheard my aunt say, "Where is she going, to get more food?" It's Christmas eve!! Like since I've been here all I've heard is backhanded comments about what people are eating... but then at the same time Grandma will go on and on about how great the stuff my sister is making is to almost make up for her hurtful comments. 

Like always I've been switching between being on the computer practicing and hanging out with family. I feel I've been chill and friendly with everyone. I've been having a lot of fun hanging out with my cousin Aiden, he runs in and out every so often.

Well I'm going to go exercise. Somehow all that talk about burning off calories when we were eating pizza got to my head.


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