Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas I can't complain.

I can honestly tell you today was the best Christmas I've ever had.

Though this isn't meant to somehow demean the work of my parents or Dad's side of the family in past years. I've been fortunate enough to have a lot of great Christmas's; today was just really good. The weather was beautiful today, like 77 degrees, might even have gotten in the 80's at some point because my Grandma was complaining about being hot but she always does that. She'd much rather be cold most of the time.

#1 Gift of the Day: King of the Hill DVDs, Hell f**king yes I am so happy to finally have these.
You know what's awesome about having the DVD version? I get access to the SPANISH version and can watch it with English translations!! So I can enjoy watching King of the Hill and study spanish at the same time while I practice chords......!!!!!!! YESSSSSSS *EXPLODES*

I got some of the best damn gifts this year. It seemed as though I got a disproportionately larger number of gifts than Avery but I realized it was because my sister got a big gift this year-- brand new laptop! She's needed one for years so I'm happy she's got one for school. I know she'll take better care of it than I ever have any of my laptops. Right now I'm using my Mom's laptop because my Grandma's PC doesn't play DVDs. Oh well it's a little old but it's been playing my Intervention episodes just fine since I've gotten here... I just can't get enough of those meth heads and alcoholics and PCP addicts I tell you what. Yet I can't sit through an episode of popular shows like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia without being forced.

Awesome Gift of the Day #2: My sketch set from my Dad!
Well this was something I found for $25 at Ross but didn't want to spend my own money on it so I had my Dad get it for me. He didn't bother to wrap it, it was given to me in the Ross bag he got it in sort of crumpled up but I didn't care, I acted like it was the first time I saw it and everyone was impressed by my Dad's gift buying skills.

I spent a solid three hours sitting with my aunt Dale and drawing this picture of my cousin today. It was nice, working on the picture sort of glued me to my seat and she's always surprisingly easy to make conversation with. She was so grateful to be with us. Since my uncle Robert died she was never able to spend Christmas was my Grandpa Dennis's (his brother's) family. My grandparents supported Robert and Dale for years to help with living expenses along with the SSI they were already receiving from the state from disability. They're both really Jewish and Robert had some screws lose which is why they never worked. He passed away recently so Dale finally got to spend Christmas with her family. It honestly makes me a little sad to think about the past when I hear my Grandma and Dale talk about the stress their husbands put them through and how relieved they are in some sense. 

I don't know, I think women just had to put up with more back then in general.... 

Tomorrow I'm going to Dale's house to check out her epic collection of stuff. She's a collector and she says she has THOUSANDS of stickers, which makes me happy because as you guys know I'm a sticker fanatic ever since I started putting them on my bike. I bet I'll find some hilarious retro ones. I've seen the inside of her house before, for some a "hoarder" house is really uncomfortable to spend time in but it doesn't bother me at all for some reason. I'm just too fascinated to care, I'm like my Dad that way. Tomorrow he's going to go with me and we're going to fix her sink.
Christmas dinner was really good tonight. The ingredients used were really good and fresh because they're mainly organic and I didn't feel gross after eating. I didn't eat that much though. Didn't feel like eating sweets today at all and didn't have the cinnamon rolls for breakfast or pie after dessert. I've decided that since I'm here I might as well get in better shape while I've got this nice space and healthy food around and it's sort of deterred me from eating more.

I feel like alcohol makes me not want sweets for some reason, too. Like if I'm drinking I tend to only eat savory things and eating something like a donut, pie, icecream etc doesn't sound appetizing what so ever. Ha ha my aunt and uncle got me a bottle of my uncles favorite tequila, he's Mexican and likes to party, I'm sure he knows a good bottle of tequila and I look forward to trying this eventually. After the trip though, it's stowed in my "stuff that I don't actually need until the end of the trip" suitcase. 

Alright I think that's enough for now. 


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