Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tension you could cut with a knife

Damn it's been a long day.

10 hours driving to California is never fun but my Dad has just been on a roll since we left. With his continuous cursing and getting pissed off about the tiniest things it's put us all on eggshells. I've tried to just smoke and keep my mind preoccupied with my DS. Smoking on the road isn't an easy task though. It requires me to have to get creative about getting large amounts of water, then finding a windless, secluded location. Makes me feel like a damn druggy, but hey it's legal.

I mean I know I'm addicted, and being with family makes it even harder. I didn't pack enough ammunition for the trip so I'm going to try to hit up a relative to find a dealer.. I wish smoking wasn't such an inconvenience.

Last night I went out and had a pretty fun time. I'd met this guy named Jon on facebook when he asked me if I'd be interested in volunteering for radcon this year. We picked up his friend Laura (she was really sweet, I'm planning to add her on facebook and hope that wasn't just drunken friendliness) and met some other friends of his at the Uptown.

I'd drank a little at home and a shot of Vodka at Laura's so once I finished my beer at the Uptown I was feeling pretty good. I'm getting better at pool, and I'm starting to enjoy it! Ha ha probably not a very healthy hobby. Someday I want my own pool table for sure... Anyway. We played pool for awhile before a few of Jon's friends showed up, one of them was this asian guy named Michael that I ended up kissing at some point that night.... ha ha, alrighty Emily.

We went over to the Town Crier afterward which was a pretty damn good time too because the music was good and people were dancing around 12 so I got a little of that (last time I went out-- i.e. with Sheridan last week, there was no dancing where we went). The club scene just isn't there from what I've seen in the tri cities. But yeah, Town crier was fun, it's the first time I'd gone and they were pretty busy.

Whenever I'm at a Motel I half expect to see a hooker. Even if this has never occurred to me, it's always been an entertaining thought that somewhere in this Motel there's probably a John taking care of a client. 

Or not, it's pretty f*cking cold here in Weed California.

Right now I'm in a Motel 6 and it just hit 1 am. My sister and I got a separate room from our parents so we can get a much needed break from eachother and don't have to fight over the bathroom  tomorrow morning. It's a good idea. Had we gone to holiday inn we would have paid twice as much for one room and almost certainly had issues tomorrow morning...

Just gotta try and keep a positive outlook tomorrow. My Dad is always so negative.. whether he's talking about the news, talking about our lives, whatever. He just puts this horrible gray light on everything and quite frankly it makes me sick to be stuck with. It wears on my mom reallly bad too. She can barely say a word to him without him freaking out. When he acts rude it influences me to not bother being polite either. I have to be more cordial tomorrow or it's going to be a long day, a long trip......


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