Sunday, December 29, 2013

What good could be going down in Saticoy

A couple days ago I went on a short hike with my aunt, sister, cousin Zoe and her friend Kaeli. I spend some time laying on these rocks while  they were checking out the tidepools (I was wearing Yoga pants and didn't want them to get icky on the bottom). 

Wow, has it literally been four days since I've written.

I've had an interesting few days to say the least so this blog is going to be long, just warning you now. Right now I'm at my Grandma's house alone in this dead silent house. Just splurged the last of my Christmas money before I had a chance to waste it on the rest of this trip on food. I'm broke as sh*t but I think I've got a good chance at scoring this office assistant position at the school if Sipic puts a good word in for me.

Teeny-tiny default picture of my uncle John from his facebook profile. I haven't seen him in years. 

So lets back up to the 27th. My uncle John invited us over to come have his WORLD FAMOUS chicken tacos. The day before there had definitely been a lot of talk between my aunt and mother about who would be going to John's house because we were all invited but they had other plans for the evening. My aunt felt uncomfortable because my cousin had just moved out into John's house and she thought he would bring it up.

We all figured it'd just be best if just the "kids" went-- Me, Avery, Kylea, and Zoe. We took the van up to his nice house in Paso at around 6 after taking the hike. John and I had a great time drinking and talking about old times, music, our lives and my family. We also talked a lot about my cousin JJ (He goes by John, full name "John Jr." but I still call him JJ) and how he wasn't able to be there because he's getting into some dirty business. That's been on my mind a lot during this trip. I've been able to keep in contact with him on facebook and he had said he was coming but now that I've been here I think it'd be nearly impossible. He keeps on changing location every time I talk to him.

Like today he's in Saticoy, California. That's near Ventura about 2 and a half hours away from here. If I were to drive there myself I might as well drive all the way to LA while I'm at it. No vehicle, no money, not happening. 

Yesterday I was hungover and mainly hung out at the house until I went over to Dales at around 4. Dale was an extreme introvert for many years and after my Jewish uncle Robert died she's been able to spend more time with us. Like Robert would never want anyone to come over to their house, even me. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to do so, however, and get my own box of unique stickers from Dale's collection.

She lives in a Duplex over in Paso that could be compared to a "hoarder" house but it didn't make me uncomfortable to hang out there for a few hours. Though I did experience some inconvenience when I was trying to access some sticker drawers that were located behind a huge Christmas tree and a collection of dolls that proved to be quite difficult. She was really welcoming though and encouraged me to take any stickers that I want. And I did. My bike is going to have LOTS of new additions when I get back, including the awesome Pantera sticker my Dad got me for Christmas. The stickers will also of course be used for practice sheets and goal checklists and stuff like that.

Today I've had a bit of a headcold so I had the plan to stay here and play guitar all day but so far that's been a complete fail. Cooking is a huge inconvenience here because of my Grandmother's cast-iron skillets that burn things, the electric stove and the lack of usable ingredients. More than half the shit in her cabinets is Gluten-free, like the pancakes she made this morning that tasted gummy and disgusting. My Dad somehow ate them without complaint though which was bizarre because nobody else in my family could. What the Hell, my Dad's normally the pickiest eater on earth.

Honestly I'm really starting to miss my cat and look forward to heading home. We're leaving on the 1st which is only a few days away but then I've gotta survive the lonnnnng drive home with my parents. Better charge my DS.


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