Sunday, December 1, 2013

Let's just be honest here.

Being back in your hometown with family is great for a little while but I'm really happy to be back in my own place in Ellensburg.

The ride here was scary as hell, there was heavy wind and rain the entire drive.. I found myself going 55-60 mph on average which made the drive pretty long. Luckily my brain felt super wired. Having decided to not gone out last night, I feel really rejuvenated when I got up today, even if I did sleep in quite a bit so I wasn't able to make time to practice like I'd planned. I spent most of the time before I left trying to locate and pack all of my stuff.

This weekend I did hang out a lot in my Mom's craft room (where my bedroom was originally located...) because being downstairs is never motivating to me and the living room is too noisy. Anyway I used some of my mom's clay to make this. I love how it turned out, honestly. Clay is an addictive and relaxing but TIME CONSUMING and expensive because as you get more ideas you  need more supplies. 

I'm hoping my mom eventually acquires such an abundance of the FIMO stuff (as my family tends to do, my Dad will end up finding a bag of them at a yardsale or a Goodwill) so I can jack some from her and it wouldn't be noticeable. My mom is on a roll with her projects though, and they look awesome!

Friday night I went to Jack Didley's with Sheridan who I hadn't seen in a pretty long time. The club was having an 18+ night with an open bar if you had ID. Sheridan and I had figured I'd be able to give her a couple swigs of mine when the bar tenders weren't looking but I'd underestimated the security measures preventing this. There was a fence up around the bar with a guy at the entry checking wrist bands. If Sheridan wanted a drink of a beer it'd have to be through a fence hole. She did try to get me to do it though, I was like "Yeah I don't want to get kicked out..." 

The place was slow last night.. so slow that it was around 11:20 pm and it still wasn't packed enough that people were dancing. My friend Jeremy had texted me asking to come out to Joker's because his cousin was DJing and he said it's a lot better but my friend wouldn't have been able to get in because it was 21 and over only. Next time I go back to the tri cities and want to shake my ass I'm going there instead. 

Anyway, regardless of the fact that not many people were around Sheridan did see a couple guys she knew that we ended up leaving with pretty shortly after to go to a party in Richland that she'd been hearing about. We drove back to Richland and this Mexican looking dude in a bandana walked out to our car and told us that the party just got shut down. We were right in this guy Colt's neighborhood so we went to their house. 

Neither of these guys drank or smoked or anything... At this point I had my fair share, having drank 3 coors lights that were on specials and a corona a guy bought me. It ended up being a fun night. Colton's 21, pretty tall and handsome enough, and works construction in Naches which is actually only about 20 minutes away from here. I doubt I'll see or hear from him again. But yeah I guess you can say I did do some partying this weekend as intended. Hanging out with Sheridan was pretty random but fun and I got a chance to see Mikey and Violet's new house. 

Violet made me a homemade McMuffin type sandwich yesterday morning. It was delicious and she's a great host. 


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