Friday, December 13, 2013

Are you sucking because I'm listening? Stop that.

Found out today that Sleep Terror is playing Feb 28th

This damn solo, that's all that's been on my mind since school got out because I've got a recital in only two days.

Jake and I had a lesson today and having apparently not warmed up adequately (or just being really stressed out..) I couldn't play that solo for shit for him today. He's like "Are you sucking because I'm listening? Stop that. Stop being so nervous... Slowww down.." All stuff I've heard time and time again. I know the reason that I was nervous today was because I didn't practice enough the previous week so I felt ashamed about that. I'm lucky that I have tomorrow and Saturday to really practice. I have to take advantage of it as much as possible to make up for lost time.

It of course has to be perfectly memorized, I have to get those damn slurs right on the high frets without it sounding screechy or get dead notes, I have to NOT THINK when I'm up there and end up losing my place and getting messed up. The more I practice the next two days the better. Tomorrow I'm going to do at least three hours if it kills me. 

School has been over for a couple days. It was nice getting my finals done on Tuesday, and not having to take my Managerial final because my grade was high enough that I didn't need to drop any of my tests. My public finance final was hard, it had a ton of writing and I was of course one of the last ones in class to finish (and went over the time limit, which of course he was really cool about, as always.)

I think I did well this quarter and I'm trying to feel proud of myself for that but until I see the grades and how it effected my cumulative I can't tell you.

I was able to sell all three of my college textbooks back and got $180 today which was really nice to put away before I head home on Saturday and was able to do some Christmas shopping without having to ask for money (sort of defeats the purpose...). I went to Grocery outlet earlier and got some Christmas gifts, primarily makeup and stuff. Like I got my sister some face wash, my aunt a couple mascaras, my mom a Revlon nailpolish set, and a perfume set that I'm debating whether to keep myself or give to my cousin. It's a playboy set which I thought would deter me from wanting to open it but I really do need some perfume... My Halle Berry stuff from Rite aid spilled in the move and I've wanted some new perfume since.

I also stopped by Shavonne's house earlier to visit and brought her a little eyeshadow set as well and she gave me some treats for Marshall. They're dried cod with catnip treats, he ate some of it but tonight he was more interested in the gristle I'd thrown away in the trash can.


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