Thursday, November 28, 2013

Damn holiday pounds..

Hello, guess who's glad to be back home for a few days?

It took me longer than my parents expected but what's new. It was a good trip home and as it seems I brought everything I needed but somewhere between the Ellensburg 7-11 and Toppenish I lost my debit card. Of course it's my "Central Connection Card" that allows me access to the laundry room, the gym, etc... I'm hoping it turns up but right now it's looking bad. How many times has this happened to me this year, three? Ugh.

I'm sitting in my bedroom which my mom has converted into a craft room. I don't mind it, it's a lot cleaner in here and it gives me room to workout. I'm going to probably be spending a lot of time up here and in the family room on the couch reading to review for upcoming finals.

I don't have any picks with me.... AGAIN. Okay maybe I didn't remember everything I had to get. Tomorrow's Thanksgiving so nothing's going to be open. I'm not even going to be able to call to cancel my card or buy picks.. I'm hoping there's a pick floating around my car, the case or my purse... If not I might have to try to bum one.

I think I'm going out with Ashleigh's friends on Saturday so that should be a good time. We're probably going to hang out and drink more at Phil's house afterward.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I'm looking forward to that and leftover turkey sandwiches! My sister is of course doing a ton of pre-Thanksgiving baking. I didn't go crazy on the sweets or anything today as tempting as all the gingerbread was but my diet was pretty bad because I had McDonalds at lunch and had a BLT like an hour ago and now I feel like going to sleep instead of working out more like I'd originally planned.

I feel like I've been gaining weight and doing things like this isn't going to help me, that's for damn sure. Eating and then going straight to sleep can put on weight sooo fast. I plan to do a hundred crunches. Then hopefully it'll at least go to my ass.

I've started doing Tiffany Rothe workouts a lot again too. I hadn't checked back on her channel for sometime and she uploaded a bunch of new stuff to keep me fit over the holidays.


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