Friday, November 8, 2013

I needed someone to feed

MIA came out with a new album November 1st, I just did my first Tiffany Rothe workout video in a long time to this.

I think I need to download more workout videos and start going to the gym because I think my body has gotten completely used to these workouts and they are not bringing me the same results they once did. I've heard that can happen. 

Nooo economics reading! This was this morning when I was studying for a money and banking test.

I have had a really good few days. I feel like having Marshall has put me in overall better spirits, and his mischievousness is a low price to pay for how wonderful it's been to have him around. Just like any other kitten he loves to play.. Like right now he's jumping through the arm holes of my backpack and making me laugh my ass off. Marshall also learned how to climb the stairs which was a proud accomplishment.

Let's see, what else. Well my Money and Banking test today went alright I think. This morning I met up with Randy on a bench in Shaw to study the notes. I crammed them really hard for every second of 40 minutes I could get in that he was there. Like I stood outside the door and looked at that packet of questions until 9:59 am (class starts at 10, lol...).

It was funny because the frantic Mexican girl that's always late and wears cute clothes came up doing the exact same thing with her packet. Granted I did not prepare for this as well as I could have... The reading was just painfully boring in two of the three chapters and I would find myself fighting to not fall asleep while reading them. I mean they were okay... I don't know, it's all relevant so I need to keep as positive of an outlook as possible. 

I'm really excited for tomorrow because I should be meeting with my adviser to figure out what classes I'm taking next quarter. He asked me about it yesterday and was like "Emily do you know what you're registering for next quarter? You're the only one of my advisees that hasn't talked to me about it yet.." And I'm like "Uhhhm nope!"

Guitar went well today. I'm getting into the really difficult, intricate solo parts of master of puppets and there are communication issues via skype. Jake is going to make me a video and upload it to Youtube instead with exact instructions. He's the best teacher ever what can I say.


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