Monday, November 4, 2013

Wow, feeling 20x happier today...

I think I might have finally found what I needed to make me happy here.

Lol can you see him? This is Marshall, I adopted him yesterday at the pet store in town.

I seriously could not be happier. Having this little guy to come home to after class has made me feel so much less alone in this place. Because I realize that not having a cat was what has made me feel so lonely! When I'm not living with other people I feel the most productive and content, and for said reason I'm never going to have a roommate again in my life. So it was really hard for me to figure out why I felt so bad-- like I wanted to be alone but didn't.. It was all just because I wanted something to feel unconditional love from and to take care of. Friendships don't satisfy that.

Adopting a cat from a pet store in town was not as cheap as picking up a free barn cat from a litter on craigslist but for me it was totally worth it. I knew that pets adopted out from small pet stores are usually very well bred and taken care of prior to release. Marshall was already litter box trained when I got him which has saved me a lot of hassle. 

So yeah I've just been 20x more calm and happy since I got him... He's can be very playful and curious but also very loving and relaxed with me. He has a little whiny cry right now and "mews" a lot to get my attention when he wants something-- which is usually just to be picked up. He can't climb the stairs but he's already really used to me carrying him around. When I first got him yesterday he made me nervous when I'd try to pick him up and he'd whine in pain and tense up like Michiko does but he stopped doing that too. 

Today I had a public finance test that I think I did pretty well on. I got a 75% on that Money and banking quiz-- pretty sucky but the grade I expected to get after not studying as well as I should have. I'm REALLY hoping Ghosh gives us back that test and the quiz tomorrow... that's getting old.

I am developing a crush on a guy in my Money and Banking class. The more I've noticed him the cuter I think he is. Unfortunately I know he has a girlfriend. At this point I quite honestly do not care.... if he ends up talking to me that is. All of our conversations we've had to this point have been very school related and "small talk-y." Definitely not flirtatious. 


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