Monday, November 18, 2013

Okay... now that I've calmed down a bit.

Wow it's 11:42 pm. I always get to bed later than I anticipate. What's worse is that when I lay down in bed I'll play my DS for about a half hour to bore me to sleep. So yeah, lately bedtime has been 1 am. That'll have to change after this quarter when I've got my intermediate micro class next quarter at 7:30 am..

Sooo I was finally good and spent a couple solid hours writing my policy analysis. It's coming pretty smoothly. I've still got a week to do it, and my goal was to have some sort of rough draft to give to Sipic by Monday to make sure I'm going the right direction with this and get pointers on how to improve it. I'm definitely also going to take my paper to the writing center to get help proofing it. It's not like I'm expecting Toni to actually read through and correct the whole ugly mess of rough draft... lol that's for paid people like Kat L. to do. 

Kat works in the writing center in the library and I see her practically every time I go there (usually to print something..) I'd have to say I probably see her and Alex S. more than anyone else from back home. I see them enough that I try not to initiate small talk every time I see them around campus. 

So I guess you could say I "found"..okay I sort of stole a new recital piece. At least that's the way that I'm still seeing it because the way I found this song was really unoriginal and Jacob is going to know exactly where I got it... on his own facebook wall feed from someone else. 

Creds to Jordan S. for finding this.... He's no longer taking lessons from Jake and therefore won't be playing this at the recital.... Though if he suddenly decides to I am SOL, I am willing to take my chances. 

I have every intention of learning this by the Christmas recital in a little less than a month. I know it sounds crazy but I am really inspired to learn this. Master of puppets was NOT a waste of time-- it was a good song to learn because it probably improved my ability a lot more than I realize but I am so ready to put that sh*t to bed. I'm really hoping Jake says he thinks it's plausible for me to nail this thing in less than a month but there's still a chance he could say I'm crazy and recommend that I need to stick with what I started, who knows.


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