Saturday, November 9, 2013

Getting organized for my last 3 weeks. Newfriendnewfriend!

Hard to believe this quarter is actually sort of close to being over.

I realize that I have three more weeks of class to go, and I scored C's on a couple of my midterms and quizzes. That's really not acceptable for me so I've decided to write out everything that I'm going to need to do in the next week to get in the process of working hard enough to get A's on my next tests and raise my grades in the classes from high C's to B's.

This guy Jesse in my public finance class told me that I should try to keep my GPA above a 3.3 because that's where a lot of grad schools draw the line. That's really hard, especially when getting B's only makes the tiniest increase in the GPA but getting a C can drop it like nothing. I don't understand how the whole system is weighted.. My parents still don't understand how important it is to me. Like I'll talk to my mom and she'll be like "All you have to do is pass to get your diploma!"

F*ck that's pretty much like telling me to lay down and give up... American parents are so soft, ha ha. I mean I feel there's a ton of room for improvement right now. I have to do better than what I was doing this past 7 weeks from here on out, and where I'm going to start is creating weekly concrete task lists like I did last year...

This is my task list. Each one of the squares represents an hour of time spent working. 

That's the reality of what it's going to take if I really want to get A's on my upcoming exams. It's a really high goal even for me... These classes are so hard and it's going to take so much work and patience these next three weeks. I think these checklists will give me the visual motivation that I need. 

Of course I can't forget about guitar. I've only been squeezing in about a half hour of solid work a day (I know isn't that terrible?) mainly on the metallica solo. I'd like to practice more this upcoming week, at least an hour a day... I know that Jacob can see when I haven't practiced as much as I had wanted too. He's somehow able to read me really easily and it sometimes pisses me off, ha ha I must be really obvious when I'm stressed out.

Today for the most part was actually spent sleeping... I did practice guitar for 45 minutes and study for a couple hours and I'd like to get in more time of each before I go to bed (It's potentially going to be a challenge to sleep tonight after sleeping so much today... I'm probably going to have to drug myself at 2 AM or so just so my sleep schedule doesn't get completely out of whack)

Yesterday I met this really interesting girl named Audrey when I went to the Surc to eat before meeting up with Sipic to discuss my enrollment plans for next quarter (there's a freaking block on my account so I have to go to the library to pay a stupid fee before I can register, bitches...). Anyway she's a freshman here at CWU and makes the trip all the way from Rosalyn to get here. She likes to draw, and originally thought she wanted to be an art major before she took an art class here and said she's bored out of her mind in it. 

She seems awesome, I'm happy to have met her and hope we hang out sometime this week. She likes rock music, too. 


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