Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It's not an impulse buy because it's educational....!

Marshall earlier. Now that he's gotten more comfortable here he's less cuddly than he used to be but gets on his hind legs much more than most cats I've seen. I've now had him for two weeks.

Well here it is, almost freaking 1 in the morning. 

Staying up this late isn't good for me, though it's excusable enough when I'm doing it to spend my time productively. Like this evening I played guitar for an hour (I've been working on that piece by Mozart, but haven't completely abandoned Metallica as planned after all, more on this later...), studied Chapter 5, cleaned up the kitchen a little bit, and worked out for about 15 minutes. 

I should probably start going to the gym. My stomach has gotten a little rounder from not working out as much... Or at least it seems like that in the evening. Like after a whole day of drinking a lot of water, coffee, energy drinks, milk with cereal, whatever... I can expand my stomach to make it look 6 months pregnant, it's funny. In the morning that bloating is pretty significantly reduced but I feel like it'd be less noticeable if my core was more toned. 

So I did send a rather frantic email to Jacob last night. Here's the gist of it, italics:

--I told him about how unmotivated I felt lately. He told me that I've improved significantly as a guitarist and that alone should be really all the motivation I need. 

- I wasn't getting the practice time in that I wanted. He said that the reduced practice time was probably more attributed to school than anything; though I somewhat disagree because it was easy to work on Mozart for an hour today and would have for way longer if I'd had more time... 

-He said I shouldn't dump pieces before they're completed, and to be working on two or three at a time instead of having just one song and a list of other ones that I'd someday like to play. <- THIS is what I need to work on this week. 

-Unfortunately for my somewhat delusional earlier plans of learning Mozart's piece to perfect speed in 3 weeks (....with finals coming up, what was I smoking), I will continue to learn the Metallica solo, which Jake is going to make an instructional video on.. 

So there you go. Problem solved. I will play that god damn Metallica solo in that recital in a few weeks, my blog as my witness!!! 

On a somewhat related but not really sidenote....

Yes, yes, yes..! 

I am super excited to buy this... Unfortunately I'm down to my last $100 until Thanksgiving after spending about 2/3rds of my last paycheck earlier, my mom just paid for my lessons in advance so I'd feel selfish asking my parents for money again... So yeah I'm really going to make an effort to live on the cheap until the 27th. But Luke posted this tonight annnnd I'm already dying to have it so more than likely I'll be buying it tomorrow.


OHH!! Jeez I almost forgot, funniest ass thing today... So as you guys know I MADE MY GOAL, woohoo! Got a rough draft to get pointers on.Why was this a goal? Sipic mentioned like 3 times that students have the option to turn in a first draft to get pointers on but "Rarely does anyone actually take advantage of this." So as you guys know I got my "rough draft" done last night... Rough like literally, I wrote that thing two sided on lined paper in my notebook. Again what was I smoking, I don't know, I should have at least used separate pages if I was going to hand write the damn thing. 

I showed it to Sipic after class and was like "Here, I have this rough draft!" and he's like "Good, good!" then looking at this messy ass stack of notebook pages, "....Wow you're one of the rare ones that actually handwrites things..." Suddenly I'd realized how stupid this was and that  I really should have typed it beforehand but he actually proceeded to offer to make copies of the damn things to read over tonight. I'm like ehh yeah that's okay. 

I'm sure it's fine. And again I'll be going to the writing center to get help on it so it'll all work out

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