Monday, November 25, 2013

The best curry ever story.

Whew.... I just finished writing my public policy analysis. It took me from about 12:00 this afternoon to 12:30 am. Granted I did not spend all 12 hours writing it..

I took breaks throughout the day, mainly to cook from what weird ingredients left in my fridge and cabinets. Ironically enough I did make some of the... not gonna lie, best yellow curry I've ever tasted today. It was so good, I took a picture after I ate about half of it just to remind myself of the ingredients that I used:

I used Kikkoman yellow curry mix. To be honest with you guys aside from their soy sauce Kikkoman has never been a brand I've been impressed with. Like most of their sauces used to marinade are disgusting in my opinion. This curry was in powder form and you mixed it with cold water and set it aside before you start cooking. It's this crazy bright ass yellow color. 

I thawed a few chicken breast strips then marinated them with the last of my Sriracha. I cut half a yellow bell pepper, used the last of a green bellpepper I had in a little baggy  in my fridge, and half an onion into thin strips. Once I flipped the chicken that was cooking in a wok in corn oil (blegh, need vegetable oil... they don't usually have it at Bargain market so I've gone without) I cut the chicken into small pieces using a wooden spoon while it was still cooking on the wok. 

The rice turned out perfect too. This time I didn't wash the rice and added a couple generous pinches of fresh minced garlic before I cooked it. Turned out delicious, the consistency of the rice wasn't sticky or mushy what-so-ever. I'd much rather the rice be dried and cooked through, especially with Thai dishes.

Anyway yeah, let the vegetables and chicken simmer with the yellow curry mix on the stove for awhile. That was such a good lunch, adding that to my recipes of stuff I can really cook if I want to make a good meal for someone..


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