Monday, June 4, 2012

Last time in the cbc library....

Ah, the CBC library. This might be the last time I ever sit in here.

Actually, I'd bet money that it is. This has never really been productive place for me, I usually just come in here and blog until I get so hungry that I have to leave. Today will be different though, I have come to do some major Japanese studying and get as much done as I can so I can be FINISHED with most of this  chapter and have this stress be relieved. This Thursday I have my last oral exam, so it'll really be my last day of class. It's a sad thought, but it's nice that I'll be moving on with my life. Sayounara! Wish you all the best. <3

Yesterday I was pretty sad about Jack flaking on some plans. I was beating myself up over it for no reason because I was extremely tired after not getting any sleep, working all day, and then having him bitch out after being excited about it. I didn't want to let myself get excited, as I'd asked him like four times when we were on the phone if he was SURE he would want me to drive there. But he was a little tipsy which made his confidence in the plans more than they should've been. He said he had to flake because it's finals week. I ended up throwing a bit of a fit to my mom about it, who told me it was okay and to go take a nap. The nap did help a lot, but I woke up sort of frantically at 10:20 when I realized I hadn't played guitar all day (yes, my practicing does mean this much to me, it's silly but I really want to get good).

Jacob has not replyed to my message about buying the Ibanez. I'm considering calling him today. I really want that guitar and it's an awesome deal. I could pretty much pay it out of pocket today and my parents could pay me back later, I don't care. I'm just so fucking tired of that guitar that I'm using now, the neck is too thick and it's hindering my progress. I'll get Jacob's number off yelp and call him today if I can find my phone.

I'm having a feeling that guy isn't even selling the guitar anymore... he probably already sold it to someone else. It makes me sad, that guitar is usually $700 and I would be getting such a good deal on it. I guess I can only hope not, my parents aren't going to want to spend that much on it, they've got a whole bunch of other stuff to worry about. They promissed me they'd get me a new guitar as a graduation present though, but I need to make sure I tell them specifically what I want so my Dad doesn't show up at home with some guitar from Carl's or something.

I could see him doing that. He has randomly purchased instruments for me because he thinks it's what I'd want. No, he has no idea what I want because my playing style is so specific to thin necked guitars-- a lot of which my parents would think are ugly. My cell bill needs to be paid,but I'd rather postpone that this month for a week or so if I can get my guitar a little earlier than two weeks from now. More than likely that's what I'll have to do.

People keep on talking about drinking and getting drunk to me and it cracks me up because I cannot relate to it at all. I have absolutely no intention of drinking when I get up to college because I don't want to get fat. Girls that drink a lot always seem to have that weird poochy belly. Pot doesn't make you fat. Well, that is unless you get the munchies all the time which I don't. Actually I think it decreases my hunger because I'm so focused on something else. With my head the way it's been this last weekend, I really need to distract myself all I can.

Shoot, I just remembered I need to get a haircut. I'm going to go to Wal mart and get that taken care of, but I'm still going to make an effort to study later tonight after I get the kitchen cleaned up.


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