Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Walking through the forests

Hello all.

Right now I'm sitting in Jessika's room, they just ran off together. We had a really nice walk in Zintar Canyon and Jessika's grandma's house is super comfortable. It's the kind of thrifty old wooden house that I like. I'm showing Tim this band called Porcupine Tree that I absolutely love and think he would too. Jessika had invited me over to jam with her friend Tim who she told me was really skilled. I was initially very intimidated by this but now that I've been taking lessons with Jacob I feel more confident in my skills. Annnyway....

Jamming went fine, he plays mainly cords and writes some of his own music. He was pretty impressed by my playing abilities having only played six months. I just needed the right tools-- which was my teacher, a lot of time and patience.

They're sort of just sitting there. They said they feel so chill right now, so I think they like my music taste.

I went to Katharine's graduation party today, that was also a pretty good experience. I caught up with a bunch of people and also met a couple of Katharine's friends from Central. Katharine's friends were really neat, I was impressed, especially this one really tan girl that looked like a blast to spend time with. This was also a good experience I really wanted a chance to talk to Khylee and Tim for some reason... I feel like their most lasting impression of me was back six years ago when I was a very offensive, loud moron.

But obviously I've changed since then. Khylee and Tim though, they don't seem like they've changed that much. They've always been smarter than most of the people in their class, they're witty, and I've always felt like they haven't liked me much because they've always sneered at whatever I say. Probably because Tim is one of those people that you say always something stupid around... My Mom said his Dad is sort of like that too, intimidatingly intelligent people. There are few people that intimidate me in this way, but Tim is one of them. Anyway, actually had a seemingly normal conversation with both of them today so that was nice.

I don't care much what people think of me, but I like to think I've made a half decent impression.

alright I'm gonna go to bed.


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