Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I feel stupid. Fried. Kind of tired.. Even if last night I got a ton of sleep I feel like there's not much to look forward too. I'm not depressed, though. I've got a couple hours out of the way and it's 2:30 PM.

I ate some stirfry with chicken, teriyaki sauce, powdered ginger and crushed peanuts, all served on top of rice. Of course add a ton of rooster sauce to that too, mmm! Gives me heartburn though, unfortunately.

I still fear getting carpel tunnel from playing this much. Three hours a day is pretty strenuous, and I get stressed out that I'll potentially give myself medical problems on my hand and I'll have to stop playing for a month. For that reason, I've really been making an effort to loosen the tension of my left hand on the fret board. Maybe I'll get some tiger balm or something. I'd REALLY like a massage. . . well, not on my arms necessarily but just a massage in general would be fantastic. お金を持っていません。(D'oh!)

I really should write some Japanese today. Maybe on my ameblo or something. Or maybe just on here. Why the Hell not.


I still plan to practice Japanese from time to time if I can. It would be a waste to get this far and completely forget about it. Maybe I'll even go on livemocha today!

5:10 pm:

Good lord this has been a long day. I just got done working out, still got about an hour of playing left to do.. I got a bunch of school stuff taken care of too. Today's been a pretty productive day overall. I'm feeling content for the most part, everything is fine. Feeling a little bit lonely but that's to be expected. Coming to the end of 1 year 6 months, onto 7 months now! One year, seven month anniversary of being emotionally alone (it might even be more because I can't even really count Indy, he's such a creep). Seven months now of not giving a shit, but having to sort of deal with it anyway. 

I've been wondering a lot what's going to happen in the next couple months. I practically hated myself last summer; I mean between hanging out with Leah and her weird posse, dealing with Guy Stevens and literally puking my brains out, scaring the Hell out of my parents when they saw me hanging around that Tyler kid in some meth house... I have no idea what I was thinking. I so badly just seemed to want people to hang around with, regardless of my choices not always being the best. There really wasn't anybody last summer. 

This summer is much better already. I don't have anything sketchy happening because I've weeded through some of the people that I was spending time with to just people that I can trust and care about me. Katelynn,  Alan, Samantha, Shawn, the members of House... those are pretty much the only people I hang out with lately. I work on the weekends, that's more than I could say last summer when I had no job at all. I'm not taking any classes at CBC and don't have to run back and forth to Pasco every day. Yes, things've improved quite a bit. 

This summer is probably going to be a lot lonelier, though. There's no way I'm going to suddenly drop these standards that I've created for myself... but with Connor once again out the picture (he was the only one with one foot in that aspect of my life) I'm going to have to be extremely, extremely patient. 


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