Wednesday, June 6, 2012


AHHH!! i'm getting my new guitar today! I can hardly wait, only... one more hour before I'm going to be at Jacob's new studio warming up with my f*cking sick new Ibanez.

Today I had to take out $460 from my savings, leaving me $1,200 in my savings account and $250 in my checking currently. This was really hard to swallow, but here's how it's all going to play out:

The guitar will cost $350, this is an amazing deal for a guitar that was originally around $650-$700. My Dad is going to pay for $200 of which, and I'm going to ask Mom to pay $75. That's $75 out of pocket for me.

There was also the $80 this week for the lessons themselves, $40 of which my mom is supposed to pay. So really, all that's coming out of my savings is $115, which is doable. My savings balance will be a bit more when my parents pay me back, but I'm not too worried about it. I need to print out my practice sheet for the week and get going, it's almost 2:00 pm


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