Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One step closer to getting out of this town.

Today I got my grades and I am more then satisfied with the results.

3.9 in Technical Writing
4.0 in Japanese
Yep, I only took two classes this quarter so I had no excuse to not get the best grades possible. My overall cumulative is now a 3.58. I am STILL making up for Mathesius. I got a 2.5 in his class, the lowest grade I've gotten at CBC, and I'm continuing to pay for it.
This next quarter I have my first math class, and if I play my cards right this will be the only one I'll have to take. My schedule is:
Japanese III, 9:10-10:10
Intermediate Algebra: 12:40-1:40 PM
Jogging: Online
Drugs and Health: Online

I'm going to use that extra time between Japanese and algebra to get homework done, study, and do work for my online classes. I'm hoping that if I get really good grades this next quarter I can get up to a 3.65. Though math is my worst subject, I HAVE to pass it in order to get my AA. This summer I'm going to take an accounting class because my parents want to see if I'd like it, but in order to do so I have to pass a math class. I doubt I'll like it, sounds like a pretty dry and boring subject.

Today I'm going to start doing e-bay for my dad as soon as he gets home. I also gotta do the dishes and clean up so I don't get bitched at. Thus far, Wellbutrin has not helped much with motivation, but I guess it takes time because it's slow release, and it's not speed. I'm very satisfied to not be on Paxil now, and feel like that alone is making me an overall happier person.

Today is going to be worth something though. I'm tired of worthless days. I'm going too:
-Fill out another job application (no call back from Lets Party yet and it's making me mad...). I think I'll fill out one for Staples today.
-Finish drawing my picture.
-Do the dishes.
-Start a couple e-bay auctions.
-NOT sleep.  I'm so fucking tired of my days being wasted by sleeping all day because I have zero motivation to do anything.
-Make a youtube video.
-Play guitar.
-Clear so my mom doesn't bitch at me.


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