Saturday, March 26, 2011


I am very happy to say that my first party ever was a complete success.

Before the party...
The day started out not exactly how I'd planned. I went to the doctor and he told me that he doesn't think I have ADHD but have bad depression and it makes it so I'm not motivated to do anything. I understand what he means, I think that's what it is too. He told me that adderol gives very rapid release and DOES make people feel good, but it's temporary, and coming down from it can cause even more depression. Plus, the other side effects that nobody had mentioned to me before. IT AGES YOUR SKIN AND MAKES YOU LOOK GROSS. Yes, if you take adderol for an extended period of time, it makes you age quickly.

Adderol might of been good for a couple days, but I felt a little bit zombiefied and didn't feel like myself and felt that a lot of things in my personality that make me-- ME, weren't present when I was on the drug. Also, not getting any sleep sucked. Still, I'm going to miss not wanting food. I would of lost a lot of weight. But, do I really want to look like a strung out crack whore? Not really. I can lose weight with control. But with all the junk food sitting around here, I need to stay out of the kitchen haha.

The doctor, who knows me pretty well, is going to perscribe me to something he chooses based on what I've told him in order to get off of paxil once and for all. Yatta!

Enough about drugs.

Me and Katelynn cleaned and cooked and made my house look really good before the party started. I love how clean the house is now, yes-- the day after. By looking at my house nobody would think there were 20 people here last night. Everyone was really respectful to my house. Katelynn really was a humongous help though, I don't know what I would of done without her.

Before we were completely done getting ready, we picked up Jodi and Jon. Jon was really nice to set up the PS3 so that there could be Call of Duty going on upstairs. Katelynn had made some pasta salad, so we had a ton of chips, dip, pasta salad, soda, and california rolls. I had to do a ton of random things like empty out the 1950's Coleman cooler of... random pipes and crap, clean it out, put ice in it, then the soda. Katelynn did a lot of the decorating while I was making the Cali rolls.

I asked Josh Harshman to come next. He's a really good friend of mine and was the only person from the highschool who came. He helped me a bit and hung out with Jodi and Jon for the most part. He fell asleep on the couch and it was funny, but nobody really cared much, haha. He's supported me so much that he can sleep anywhere he wants, I didn't mind.

The next people to come were Sarah M., her brother and Ashleigh. Ashleigh was wearing a blanket on her head, as if it was a disguise or something. It was pretty... awkward, but I tried to make Ashleigh feel welcome regardless. The brought gumdrop candies. Sarah wanted her to come so she'd have someone to talk too, but Sarah ended up really warming up to everyone and played Just Dance 2. Just Dance totally made the party-- everyone loved it. This was at about 7:30 pm-ish, the party was planned to start at 8'.

Kyle W. came next. He brought a couple Wii remotes and totally saved the day because it enabled everyone to play at once on the big downstairs projector. That thing has really come in handy because it makes a huge screen, and I'm so glad my mom set it up. Kyle brought a lot of pop and sunchips. I was already pretty happy with the turn out at this point.

At about 8' pm until about 10' pm lots of people started to show up. Chris S. and his girlfriend brought this huge chinese food platter from Yokes and everyone LOVED it. I was so happy that he did, too. For some reason, Chris's eyes were super red, and I noticed that everyone's eyes were red for some reason... I have yet to figure out what that was from.

The rush of people that showed up around 8:30-8:45...
Manuel A. showed up shortly after them, then the fangirls-- Jenee, Ashley, Betsy, Caitlin, and Alex. Taylor and Sean came too and played Just Dance like CHAMPS. I have a video of it in my camera... Then Jon Stewart came too. Erin and her boyfriend Jeff H. showed up and hung out with Ashleigh prodominantly. My friend Andrew from Symbolic Logic came, and so did Andrew Crawford later that night. Leah and Michael brought coffee brownies which made people WIRED. Then Kia and a couple second year students that I haven't met before. They were pretty cool, I think they were some of Benny's friends.

So that was the group! After all this talk of DJs, and all these people invited that I didn't know, it ended up just being a big nerd party-- just the way I like it. :) It was a blast and I'm pretty sure everyone had fun too. This is the downstairs where we all hung out for the most part playing Just Dance and Rockband, though at the beginning kept on messing up which was making me so irritated.

I didn't take enough pictures at this party, but I'll post the ones I did take. Here's me and Sean. I was really happy he made it, too. I have the funniest video of him and Taylor dancing, it was amazing. He knew how to work a wii, too... I am such a Wii fail.

These guys only showed up for a little while. The guy in the middle got bitched out by my dad because he poured gasoline on the fire outside when they wanted to light the bonfire. I thought it was too bloody cold outside, but since it was set up they might as well. I joked with them saying "Hey you guys want to light it up just throw some gasoline on there." This was obvious sarcasm though, I didn't expect him to actually do it. He did, and... it was a pretty epic fire when it started. My dad was a little freaked out  but the fire was so far from the house it wouldn't of caused any problems anyway.

Short lived fire, but I was laughing my ass off so hard when the guy actually put gasoline on the fire. Kia is really sweet and I wish she could of stuck around longer. She had work in the morning though.

Yes this photo has a border on it for effect, haha.

I was really happy to see how much Jon came out of his shell last night. He's usually really quiet but he was dancing and singing in Rockband and everything. It was really legit.

OH! Funny shit.
My sister, Bean and Sheen came downstairs to "witness" the party, and when she saw everyone playing Just Dance she wanted to play a song. Bean and Avery came in and... well, pretty much played like experts doing a choreographed dance. I have never seen everyone go from so talkative and having a good time to... complete silence. My sister and her friends totally momentarily crashed my party, haha. It just shows how all of us have the same feelings about cheerleaders and the typical highschool preps. We ALL went through feeling out of place when surrounded by people like them, and it was just blatantly obvious when they came in the room.

NOBODY likes it when one person comes in that is way better at a game than everyone else and makes everyone feel awkward.

Me and Katelynn had a little tilapia last night which made the Ashleigh thing a bit more bearable. I had to really bite my tounge when I heard that she was talking about the Ieyasu thing AGAIN when she was sitting upstairs with Erin. I noticed that when I came inside, her and Erin gave me a very, VERY dirty look. I would of probably said something, but I really wanted everyone to have a good time. Still, GET OVER IT. God, I let you come in my house and you start trying to cause drama. Wasn't going to let it happen.

So overall, SUCCESS. I've gotta go though, have stuff to do today. Gonna run a resume over to lets party and I have to pick up my perscription.


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