Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's Hallows Eve

Wow, here we go again, midnight blog entry.

My day was not great but not completely useless. After having such a hectic study day on the 29th I admittedly slacked a little bit preparing for my money and banking quiz. I'm probably going to have to face the nasty effects of that tomorrow because I can honestly say I guessed on quite a few of them. There's a good likelihood I got a crappy score on this quiz and this weekend will be spent doing a lot of studying for my Money and banking test on Wednesday and my public finance test on Monday.

Before I had checklists I now realize on days that I did bad on quizzes and tests I wouldn't usually do anything. Like I'll usually feel drained, end up sleeping to not stress about it, then spend the rest of my evening on the computer and tidying up. Tonight came really close to that but instead I really forced myself to read not just one but two of my public finance chapters. Didn't get everything done that I'd ambitiously planned this morning on my checklist but at least did SOME things.

As always, the more I get done tomorrow the better, even if I do have to get some other stuff done like grocery shopping and make sure I pay Jake for the second half of October and the first half of November.

Today is Halloween and even if I missed the boat entirely when it comes to partying I'm still planning to wear that wig to class tomorrow and will probably do my makeup a little overboard. I'll make sure to take a picture tomorrow morning for you all to see.


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