Thursday, September 19, 2013

Let me hear you scream.

Took out some pretty intense emotions today.

Was it a mistake I will later regret? No, because I have a right to freedom of speech and can post whatever I want on my facebook. The information that I posted was from evidence that I had heard all over town-- not just at home, and put together clues to come up with a conclusion of the motives of why  this happened. The opinions expressed were done by me alone, no names were used and there is therefore no jurisdiction for "slander." Therefore, I am content with opening a can of worms today and expressing what had happened even if my Mom got pretty angry when she heard that I did....

I've just been so angry about this situation this summer, it's put a huge amount of stress on all of our shoulders.

Heard this in the car today and wrote lyrics "I'm not sick but I'm not well" on my arm to remember to look up the song. I do this a lot lately because when I'm living in the tri cities I spend a lot of time driving around listening to 97 rock.

Guitar lessons went well today. Jake gave me another copy of AX7 etude which sounds incredible when it's done so I'm really inspired to get started on it. He gave it to me once about 6 months ago when I was nowhere near able to take a solid whack at this. After learning Invention I feel more confident in my ability to learn complex riffs.

DELUXE cat condo. 

Now that I'm off work and spent half my savings in the past week for misc. stuff that I've needed to buy for awhile. Like I bought Miranda's cat harness today and retractable leash. Miranda allowed me to put the harness on her and didn't seem too bothered by it-- maybe slightly disoriented like when you put a shirt on the cat and they fall on the floor. I think there's a good chance she'll get used to it. My mom is building a small cat condo for the living room. I'd like to someday buy a tall one. For some reason they remind me of Katharine's house growing up and make me happy.

Lots of practicing tomorrow.


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