Thursday, September 19, 2013

Good luck and goodbye

R.I.P. DENNIS LEE, APRIL 11, 1967-SEPTEMBER 19 2013 

There's some sad news I read on facebook today on his daughter Amber's profile. Dennis had four daughters, Amber, Ashley, Kendra and Danielle as well as a son that grew up here in Benton city so the whole community was shocked today when they heard the news. Dennis recently became a grandfather when Amber and Ashley had babies this year and also got to see Danielle graduate. 

I hope the family is holding together through this hard time. They're in my thoughts. 

Today I spent my day off relaxing, eating good food (my sister made steaks and cous-cous for lunch which was actually really delicious), playing guitar... Also trying to figure out my upcoming expenses and how I'm going to get through the next five days or so without blowing the lame remainder of my funds. Today I had to get my prescription without having insurance. Get this shit-- REGULAR price for Prozac that Benton city pharmacist COULD HAVE sold me if he was just in it for profit: $248

But because the pharmacist at Logar is a friend and heard my situation he gave me an EXTREME discount price of $30. I literally almost cried.

I felt so incredibly lucky and blessed. There is still good in the world. 

Because you know Wal Mart wouldn't have cut me any slack on the ridiculous costs of medicine. They would have just been like "That'll be $248.32." with zero expression on their face and I would be horrified at the outrageous cost of drugs in this country without insurance. Of course had my mom not lost her job because of this LIE we would still have insurance and this wouldn't be a problem. 

Alright I'm going to bed. Still can't find my DS which is frustrating and I'm hoping it turns up when I start packing more. Last shift tomorrow at jcpenney from 11-4-- little five hour mini shift and I'm DONNNE. I'm going to meet up with my friend Chad and we're planning on grabbing coffee and a bite to eat before I have guitar at 5:30. Music Machine still has my instrument and tomorrow I'm gonna owe them $30. This is something I've been putting off all summer but damn, now I am wishing I would have done it sooner because all my money is getting draaaained here at the last minute.


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