Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hot buttered rum

Afternoon everyone.

My Dad seems to be on some pissed off rampage and keeps yelling the f word. Earlier today he came in and started going off about the car costing such-and-such amount to fix and he "doesn't know what we're going to do!!!" and that he keeps having to "$hit money" for everyone. Granted yes not having my car has been a pain in the ass for everyone but because my mom hasn't been working I've been able to use her van these past couple weeks. 

Last night I went over to Tyler D.'s place and hung out with him, Logan, Logan's girlfriend (and Tyler's sister) Julie, Julie's best friend and Tyler's mom. It was a really chill, enjoyable time.

Julie (right) and her best friend that was there last night (left). 

They both have pretty outspoken, outgoing personalities and the more we drank the more Logan, Julie and her friend were bouncing off eachother's jokes and Tyler and I were comparably quiet. Regardless it was a great time, last night I tried "hot buttered rum" which is basically a product that looks like cannabutter that you mix with a hot cup of rum and it gives the rum a creamier, smoother texture similar to coffee. 

So let me back up of how I got to Tyler's house in the first place...

As you guys know I've had the past couple days off. Tyler and I had wanted to go see Five Finger Death Punch this summer and realizing I'm not moving out until the 24th makes me realize the only thing between me and seeing that show is $47. To be honest Tyler could care less about FFDP's new music... and I can only name a few songs by them from memory-- though I'm sure I hear more of them on 97 rock then I realize.

Damn I want to go.... I'd of course also want to buy a t-shirt to have as an addition to my quilt... there goes another $25. . .  With my mom without a job right now, my car messed up, my Dad under stress, having to pay Jacob for the end of September, and me wanting to have more than $500 to start the year off with, I just don't see it happening. 

We'll see, I still have 6 days and I'm undecided. 

Tyler and I went to the mall yesterday and I picked up my paycheck, we drove over to Music machine where I dropped my instrument off to get re-set and strung, and got some lunch at red robin. It was a really nice afternoon and I got some stuff done that I needed to do but haven't been able to get into town. We did also wander around the mall a little bit. I bought my first day of school shirt at Hot Topic.... ha ha ha.

Alright you guys I'll talk to you later. 


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