Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I can feel the changes

Man, so many changes over the past day I really should write.

I now live in my own apartment, though from the inside it appears more as a house. My room and bathroom is upstairs when my kitchen and living room is downstairs. I spend most of my time in the hallway where my desk is placed which is admittedly sort of cramped but it keeps me from slouching. My knees are usually up against the drawers and the back of my seat against the wall. Time to get a smaller desk if the opportunity arises-- though I do like this spot.

My neighbors are an interesting bunch... When they say Brooklane is an apartment complex that has families they meant it.. Actually most of the people I've seen here are either couples or couples with children. One of my neighbors is a single Mom with three kids. She was super forthcoming and friendly, though straight up told me that she's loud. Considering that this apartment was one of the last one-bedroom assigned here, I'm wondering if the previous neighbors had an issue....

I am going to give this woman the benefit of the doubt as much as possible that she will not be a pain in my ass. Having neighbors that aren't perfectly quiet is nice because I'm very quiet and sometimes the silence of last year got to me. Though I did witness my first yelling match between her and her son today that was pretty intense.... Apparently her son was goofing off today at school and doesn't want to do his homework and she's frustrated because she has her own work to do. Understandable. But there was some pretty colorful language that I never had to deal with growing up... I am fortunate.

Anyway!! First day of school. No "new" professors today-- I just had a class with Carbaugh and Sipic. Carbaugh's Money and Banking class was pretty boring for me because he went over the syllabus and how to pass the class and this is the third time I've heard it, lol... (btw I'm sitting by Terry again and he's not in my public finance class... good no distractions). Money and Banking itself is "Carbaugh's favorite subject to teach" so I'm looking forward to it being more in depth than micro and macro economics.

Sipic's public finance class on the other hand was actually really interesting because A)  He did an introduction to private finance and B)..... I was *kind of* excited to see him, ha ha ha-- creepy student status. He looked really nice today, it looks like he really got in shape over the summer and his hair is short...... He always has a way of making his lecture productive and relevant yet interesting enough that I don't want to miss anything.... Even if we're talking about the damn syllabus which is a day when most people don't pay attention everyone was. His presence and confidence demands attention and respect.

I was one of the two girls in the entire class, the other one being about 40 years old.

Didn't wear the adventure time shirt as much as the kid in me wanted too. Gotta at least give people a chance to take me seriously. But yeah, one of these days I'll post a picture of my awesome Hot Topic find.... dur hur hur lol I'm a DORK....

So yeah, really excited for what's to come this year. I plan on working harder than ever because I have no reason not too. I'm here, I need to take full advantage of every day to make it worth the incredible debt it creates.


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