Thursday, September 5, 2013

alone on another stormy night

This evening while driving to guitar lessons I witnessed an awesome thunder storm, we've been getting a lot of those lately. That coupled with the 80 degree weather and metal blaring from my Mom's mini van speakers made for a very memorable drive for some reason.

I did some searching for a roommate on the cwu website today and realized I need to repost an ad. I did find one really cute girl that seems to like Japanese-y things (she's white) and actually knows Reina.. anyway I texted her but haven't gotten a response yet. I hope she does get back to me. If she is studying Japanese I'd enjoy having someone to practice with. Again very wishful thinking....

I just want a roommate who isn't a mute. I'd love a sort of geeky artist type of girl.

Ozzy Osbourne's still got it. Heard one of his new songs on the radio today and it blew my mind. I wish I could post it but I didn't write down and lyrics to find it. Hate when that happens! ha ha

The Pain in the Grass concert is tomorrow. Coheed and Cambria, Alice and Chains, Volbeat, Janes Addiction.... Even freaking Baroness is going to be there. Wouldn't mind seeing them! Alice in Chains is one of my favorite bands though, and knowing that they're playing on Saturday at the gorge just makes me feel like ughhhh I'm wasting my liiiiife..... 

...Ha ha, okay WAY over dramatization. I probably sound super spoiled. I just feel sad when I hear advertisements for them because I really do want to go but rarely have the time or funds... or in this summer's case I really don't know who I'd go with. I really want to meet someone someday that likes to actually go to shows and camp out for the weekend and fun stuff like that.

and then I woke up.


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  1. I love Alice in Chains. It'd be so cool to see them live!


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