Monday, September 23, 2013

Out of Tri again.

Hello everyone, hope you're all having a super day.

Today is Samantha's fiance and good friend of mine Shawn Griffith's birthday, he turned 22 today. Happy birthday man, I'm gonna be in that same boat in 8 days. I've noticed turning 22 causes people to get their first queasy feeling about aging because it's one year after the big "landmark adult age" of 21. Shawn doesn't look worried about it and I shouldn't either... Ha ha his ability to enjoy life has always been an inspiration to me. Like today for Shawn's birthday they all bought power rangers shirts for everyone that lives in "House." 

I'm sad that I didn't see Samantha this summer because we were both working and I was always pretty broke because I didn't start working until about late June.... By then I was completely flat out broke and just wanted to recoup some of my losses by not going out much this summer. She knows that I care about her from a distance and want her to be happy though. 

Speaking of friends I've found that having not Katelynn's negative energy in my life has proved to be very productive, as I haven't drank since we stopped being friends. I feel like the timing was right to not be in eachother's lives and I honestly want her to be happy too.

I'm moving out tomorrow. The car's are mostly packed up with my stuff and some nerves are starting to set in. Based on the space predicament Miranda will not be able to come with me tomorrow. My parents have been trying to convince me out of the deal all-together by suggesting that I get a new kitten and that can be "your own cat." Uhm I'm sorry, Miranda's my cat. She's been there in some of the hardest parts of my life over the past few years and brings comfort and relaxation to me every day. I have to have her, a kitten would be a huge ass hassle. But if she does have a really hard time adapting to the new environment, it'd be something I'd consider. 

So yeah, just gotta pack the rest of my crap up... including this computer which I'd prefer to wait on as long as possible. For the most part today I've been unmotivated and packing up this would get the work done faster I'm sure but then what the hell would I do for the rest of the night (ha ha, so selfish right..?). 

Alrighty I'll talk to you guys later. Something tells me if my mom catches me still lazing around she'd be pretty irritated. Wish me luck tomorrow guys, it's gonna be a long day. I'm excited to be out on my own again but making change is always really stressful for me. 


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