Thursday, August 29, 2013

you don't even know crazy!! ..Recital in TWO days.

"You're soo crazy but at least you have a good attitude about when people tell it to you...." -Jake. 

Pfft whatever, I've been watching Intervention for days, you don't even know crazy until you've seen people on Crystal meth. This is from one of my favorite episodes, Christy. I'll talk more about intervention another time. Honestly it's my favorite thing to watch when I'm practicing.

Good lesson today. Jacob told me that I need to work on pages 2 and 3 of Invention tonight until the concert and strive to hit 15 hours as a goal before that point. That's five hours a day. I'm going to take the challenge because to be honest the recital is all I've had my mind on in days and if that's how long he thinks it'll take to get perfect I'll trust him. Can't remember the last time I played three hours a day, let alone 5.......

It's not about the time necessarily as much as it is perfection. Perfection is absolutely necessary -- you need to be fully confident in what you're playing because in order to have any sort of showmanship you must appear relaxed and play it effortlessly and flawlessly. 

Right now I'd say Invention is 90% completed.... And I have only the rest of this evening, tomorrow between when I wake up and 4:30 pm, and then Saturday from the time I wake up to 2 pm....

I've thought about who sent me the flowers yesterday and I think I now have a solid idea... just because of the anonymity, the fact that the note didn't say "Sorry" or anything in particular (the person I'm thinking of isn't that expressive of his feelings), the fact that it was sent to 9th street and not my house.... Damn if that is true and it is who I think it is I'd be pretty surprised because it doesn't seem like him at all-- which is why I'm keeping an open mind that it could be some completely unexpected person that out of the blue wanted to show their affection toward me, ha ha ha ha.... Yeah that's a slightly nerve wrecking thought.


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