Tuesday, August 13, 2013

sweeeeeeeet emotion.


Or I guess it feels like morning to me because I got up at 10:30. Wow I just opened my blinds to get some light in my room and saw my horrendous parking job. The back of my mom's van is like 3 ft away from the curb. Whoops. Anyway yeah just sitting here enjoying my day off.

Found this on one of Beebee890's friend's pages today. I've noticed that other people that really appreciate Brian Thompson's personality have a similar sense of humor and unique taste for weird images that I do.

Last night I passed up the offer to go to the bars with Katelynn. This was a hard decision to make because I didn't have work today and did have the option to go out because it was only 10:30 pm and I was for the most part ready to go. On the other hand I'd had a long week at work and was really looking forward to practicing last night. I chose to stay home.

I've been doing a good amount of practicing on Invention and Anastasia. The recital is coming up August 31 so I've really been cracking down on my practicing. Invention is something I've been working on for months and is incredibly difficult. To get it to the point of mastery that I want it will take at least an hour of solid practice each day.  Anastasia is what I'm going to play for the Christmas concert so I have plenty of time to learn it. This week I've just been focusing on the first page's acoustic chord fingerings-- which Jacob transposed for me from the original tab which was sooo helpful this week. Bravo, I certainly get my money's worth with him.

A sharp is setting up a forum website where we can share tabs and connect with teachers and other students, it's going to be really neat and I'm looking forward to him getting that up and running. 

I'm getting excited for school to start again. I'm looking forward to learning again more than anything. Without being in school I've allowed myself to veg somewhat. Really haven't made too much progress on that book even if it's taught me numerous things this summer. 

Here's some important up and coming things that I need to keep in mind:

-Tomorrow I'm taking photos with my cousins around 6 pm. Meeting @ Teri's house at 5:30 pm. 

-Getting paid on Friday. Should withdraw an extra 40 to pay Jake off for the rest of the month. 

-Buy frozen peaches because I ate all of Avery's.

-Jenee H. going away party on Friday 

Well haven't heard much from Jay this week. Because it's my day off of course I'm hoping that I get a chance to see him but at the same time I feel it's not likely so I'm not anticipating anything. He posted this LOVELY status that said something like "it's a bad sign when you ask for a girls number and she gives you 3 digits." I'm like huh, okay well obviously he hasn't been thinking about me enough to not be trying to hit up other girls. 

I've decided not to text him today. He knows that I'm off, if he wants to see me he'll have to get ahold of me first. We'll see. 


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